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Science teacher looks to trucking

Darwin born Domenico Farina, recently secured his heavy rigid licence, which is a perfect start for the 22-year-old who is interested in gaining as much experience as possible in as many fields.

“I have had a fascination with getting licenses and now have one for a truck to go with others including operating a boat, jet ski, car and motor bikes,” he said.

A full-time science teacher at a local high school, Farina now drives his father’s trusty Ford Trader truck which is parked at his parents’ home about 1.5km away from where he lives in a quiet Townsville Street.

“I enjoy driving the old Ford which has 182,000km on the clock and is a 1995 model with a six-speed gearbox. Having a heavy rigid license now enables me to get a job down the track as a truck driver,” he said.

In the meantime, super fit Farina is looking to snare a part time job driving a truck in cane farming or some other industry.

“I would love to get part time work driving a dump truck, bus or even just transport. Dad has been doing all sorts of jobs for years and having the truck makes things easy when my entire family gets up to so much,” he said.

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