Police release CCTV footage of botched truck theft

SA Police are still hunting for the driver who stole a truck in Adelaide earlier today only to roll it seconds after leaving the Wingfield depot.

In the footage obtained by 9News, the alleged thieves can be seen leaving the depot in the prime mover loaded with $20,000 worth of recyclable cans, but their plans quickly go awry when they hit the first corner on South Road.

The driver and passenger allegedly kicked the glass window of the truck cabin out and ran from the scene.

The crash caused traffic chaos around South Road in Wingfield in peak hour this morning.

“Nobody should be stupid enough to steal a truck, but to do it when you’re not licensed and not trained, you are asking for trouble,” South Australian Road Transport Association executive director Steve Shearer told 9News.

“You certainly can’t go around corners like that, that is just dumb.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers. You can anonymously provide information online at or free call 1800 333 000.

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