Mission accomplished with SAF-Holland

Haulmore Trailer Sales & Rentals, having just recently celebrated 50 years of operations, has over time seen a plethora of trailer components specified on its builds.

As part of its manufacturing, it has developed a rapport with a number of these suppliers – SAF-Holland being one of them. Haulmore founder, Alan Moody, has dealt with the OEM himself for over 15 years.

Haulmore is a family-owned business operating out of Hazelmere, Western Australia. It began as a very small business building tippers and trays and cutting chassis in Bayswater, WA. It manufactures transport trailers as well as maintaining a rental fleet of flat tops, side tippers, low loaders, drop decks, water tankers, curtainsiders and road train dollies. Across these units, which are used for purchasing spare parts, service products and bits and pieces, SAF-Holland’s suspension systems are a common sight.

In Haulmore’s latest bulk tipper build for Varley Transport, SAF-Holland’s INTRADISCs were specified by the fleet specifically due to its light weight, excellent handling and full load capabilities.

“We discussed with the customer the best source of suspension system,” said Haulmore trailer sales and rentals general manager Justin Page. “They were looking for a lightweight option for their build to minimise the tare weights on their trailers. SAF-Holland offers the lightest axle groups in the industry, and it was deemed as the best option to go with.”

In consultation with SAF-Holland, Haulmore came up with a combination of disc brake axles and air bag suspension to suit Varley Transport’s requirements. From there, it proceeded with SAF-Holland branch manager, Terry Stott, on the build.

“We custom-designed the chassis to suit the requirements and specifications of the axles and suspension and came up with a quality design and product in the end that the customer was extremely happy with,” explained Page.

“We achieved the low tare weight requirement that the customer had requested and that was mainly down to the weight savings that was available from the SAF-Holland suspension.”

In dealing with SAF-Holland, Haulmore gets great customer service, product support, competitive pricing and a quality product.

“SAF-Holland has great customer service,” said Page. “Their sales team is friendly and very easy to deal with. We’ve developed a relationship from that, which is based around our ongoing support and supply of componentry.”

To obtain a lower tare weight and premium handling on its new bulk tipper combination, Varley Transport specified SAF-Holland INTRADISCs.

For over 38 years, Varley Transport has played a major role in the agricultural transportation landscape. In this area, it provides comprehensive services for a variety of bulk agricultural commodities across WA including harvest cartage and farm-to-end-user solutions.

Varley Transport’s new bulk tipper from Haulmore will assist the business in these freight tasks. The combination will be used to service the fleet’s clients delivering bulk agricultural products such as fertiliser and grain through the Wheatbelt region in WA.

Founded in 1985 by Murray and Roxy Lumsden in Varley, WA, Varley Transport has a rich history and strong roots in the state’s agricultural and logistics sectors. As part of its operations, Varley Transport has a wide reach across several different sectors in WA.

“We began as a bulk fuel distributor in the Lakes Region and have grown into a trusted partner serving various industries,” said Varley Transport group operations manager, Tyron Lumsden. “Over the years, we have diversified our services and expanded our reach, providing specialised transportation solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

According to Haulmore Trailer Sales & Rentals, SAF-Holland offers the lightest axle groups in the industry. Image: Haulmore Trailer Sales & Rentals.

Varley Transport also delivers in providing premium haulage solutions within the energy sector, through the transportation of fuel and gas throughout WA with a fleet ranging in combinations from single trailers to larger Performance Based Standards (PBS) and quad trailer combinations.

Operating in remote areas, Lumsden says the INTRADISC disc brake axles have revealed their dominance. “One of the challenges we face is the condition of roads in WA. We are very happy with how SAF-Holland suspension responds to these conditions.”

Varley Transport has specified SAF-Holland components on it trailer combinations since 2020, and over this period, has become accustomed to their handling and tare weight. Lumsden says the product, and INTRADISCs specifically, suit Varley Transport’s operations with tare weight savings and durability – proven with their performance in the latest application.

“The SAF-Holland product is simple and reliable, and it comes with good aftersales support,” he said. “We’re extremely happy with the INTRADISCs’ ride and towing capabilities.”

Due to the successful implementation of SAF-Holland’s premium INTRADISC range, Varley Transport has achieved what it set out to do – achieving reduced tare weights and ultimate suspension handling on yet another trailer combination.

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