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Blue Tippers SEQ adopts tipperless solution

Blue Tippers SEQ has said that their brand-new Trout River rigid body units have helped to make their work safer and more efficient, because they can unload contents without the need to tip.  

Situated in the heart of Queensland, the asphalt cartage company mainly services Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  

It has grown its capabilities and fleet organically over the years, contributing to major infrastructure projects such as the Logan Motorway and the Gold Coast Airport. 

Back in 2018, Tony Singh finalised his search for a suitable alternative to conventional tipping trailers. 

“Sometimes if there’s road works up in the tunnels, we can have difficulties tipping material up,” he said.  

“Sometimes we’re only able to unload around half of the load due to the limited space. 

“There weren’t many other companies out there at the time that were making these types of units.” 

Singh said the search for a safer alternative led to the discovery of Trout River’s Live Bottom units, through local dealer Trailer Sales.  

Trout River’s Live Bottom Trailers and Rigid units utilise an interior conveyor belt system to ensure that operators are able to have versatility for loads, particularly in environments with low structures and overhead obstacles.  

“The ‘conveyor floor’ helps to make unloading easier and safer because there is no tipping and lifting; you’re using a conveyor belt straight into the machine,” Singh said.  

“The other benefit is that when we’re doing streets near residential areas, with powerlines above us, it can be a big responsibility for a spotter and the driver.  

“Usually, it’s all on the spotter to check how high the bin is, you’re relying on him.  

“With the belt driven floor, we know it’s going to be easier and safer.” 

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