Legend plays knockout role at boxing event launch


A flashy 2023 Legend SAR Limited Edition 50th anniversary Kenworth held pride of place at the launch of a gala boxing tournament sponsored by Morgan Transport.

The pro-am tournament in Townsville is dubbed the “Battle at the Port”, taking place on March 30 and hosted by Knuckles Boxing Club.

It will feature two pro bouts and about 10 amateur bouts including one women’s event.

Boxers are from Townsville, Palm Island, Forest Beach, Ingham, Tully, Cairns and even as far away as Melbourne.

Big Rigs was invited to the launch for the event beside Ross Creek and across from the building where it will be held.

General manager administration and compliance at Morgan Transport, Cameron Wright, arrived in the head-turning Kenworth.

“As Battle at the Port Boxing continues to gain momentum and recognition, through a beacon for aspiring boxers and seasoned fighters alike led by Matty Rooney who has a truck licence, this establishment has become synonymous with excellence in boxing training and development,” Wright said. 

“The role of sponsors like Morgan Transport Group will remain integral to its success. By championing local sporting initiatives and investing in the communities they serve, sponsors not only contribute to the growth and development of the sport but also leave a legacy of support and camaraderie.

“In the dynamic world of boxing, where every match is a test of skill, endurance, and determination, partnerships forged through sponsorship serve as the cornerstone of progress and prosperity.”

Cameron has had decades of experience in the road transport industry and about 20 years ago was boss of the now defunct Townsville Towing when he was overseer of a very smelly job.

It was to retrieve the carcass of a huge whale which had been found dead in waters south of Townsville.

“When the remains and bones were loaded onto the back of a truck, it was so putrid that workers and myself were sick,” he said.

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