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Mortlake Roadhouse to pay tribute to fallen truckies

The popular Mortlake Roadhouse in Victoria has decided to pay tribute to truckies who have passed away by mounting memorial plaques on the front of their building.  

Owner Dion Symons said he came up with the idea over a year ago, but wasn’t sure how to go about it.  

“I know there are memorial spots around the country, which I bloody love,” he told Big Rigs.  

“But I wanted to have a spot where anyone who had a mate or family member who was a truck driver who had passed away in any circumstances could have a message/memorial that will be publicly visible.  

“So they can show how much that person meant to them, and how much they will miss them.”  

Symons said he will leave it up to the loved ones of truckies who have died to have the plaques made. 

The finished plaques should then be posted or hand-delivered to 9 Dunlop Street, Mortlake, Victoria, 3272, where Symons will take care of affixing them to the wall. 

He said he doesn’t need to approve the message on the plaque, as long as the family of the truckie in question have been consulted.

“Whatever you want to say is completely your choice,” he said.  

“It can just be a personal message from you to a mate you miss.  

“For instance, there could be seven different plaques from seven different people directed at the one person’s memory, each with their own message.”

The plaques should be around 210mm by 300mm or smaller.  

“A little bigger is fine, or they can be smaller if you like, down to very small,” Symons added.  

“It can be gold, silver or whatever you want in colour.”  

This isn’t the first time Symons has shown his support for the trucking community – in 2022, he raised over $250k for truckie Michelle Pillar, who lost both her legs in a horrific accident.


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