NHVR updates NSW Operator’s Guide to address bushfires and more

The NHVR has informed truckies that changes have been made to the New South Wales Class 1 Load Carrying Vehicle Operator’s Guide to address safety concerns including bushfire emergency travel, other extreme weather events, holiday period travel and more.

The updates to the guide were made late last year, but the regulators have issued a notice highlighting exactly what has changed, to ensure that drivers stay informed.

A “Part D” has been added to the guide, allowing for exemption to travel times and travel in low visibility for emergency deployment of equipment to bushfires.

Some changes have also been made to section 1.7.4 – “Additional daytime restrictions for Class 1 load load-carrying vehicles during the Christmas holiday period” and section 4.5 – “Day time restrictions for Class 1 load carrying vehicles during the Christmas holiday period”.

The end date of the OSOM Christmas Holiday Period Travel Restrictions on the Pacific Highway, Princes Highway and Kings Highway was amended to restrict OSOM travel for the final week of the school holidays, to address safety risks.

A special time and date de-restrictions section was added to page four, which means that under certain circumstances such as extreme weather events, vehicles eligible to operate under the listed notices are exempt from any time and date of operation restrictions listed in the Operator’s Guide that are controlled and managed by Transport for New South Wales.

The guide can be read in full here.

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