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Cartage operator travels far and wide for work

Small fleet operator Clayton See, 50, was parked up at the Bowen South Roadhouse, beside the Bruce Highway when Big Rigs caught up with him recently.

See, who runs his company Doodeyman Transport, was near his Kenworth T409, towing a dog trailer just before nightfall.

“I am carrying recycled glass and road base and often do the run between Brisbane and Townsville,” he said.

See has one other truck and is based at Freshwater Point, about 45km south of Mackay.

Before I had gleaned that See owned the business I asked if he had a good boss.

“I am my own boss,” he said with a grin.

See said his small cartage business will travel far and wide for work.

His trucks carry quarry products, paper, waste, rock and road bases. He has worked on large projects around the state and can also do small local jobs.

See says the worst road he travels along is the section of the Bruce Highway between Sarina and Marlborough.

And he’s not on his lonesome there because many drivers I speak to echo that sentiment about what is known as the dreaded “Marlborough stretch”.

A truck driver for more than a decade, See has 12 years of experience in the transport industry.

He said he likes stopping at the Traveston Roadhouse south of Gympie. “It has good service and is a nice place to stop,” he said.

With his stocky build, I asked See if he’d ever played rugby league football.

But he said that he preferred the rival rugby union known as Rah Rah.

“I played in the Mackay Rugby Union comp for Brothers and Kuttabul clubs,” he said.

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