Family business has grown fleet from one ute to over 100 trucks

Family business Environmental Industries has come a long way since its early days in the ‘80s, growing from one ute to a fleet of over 100 trucks.  

The landscaping and construction company, which is based in WA, has built an impressive portfolio, from high-profile state and local government projects such as playgrounds, parks and sporting fields, through to commercial land developments and streetscapes.  

Their fleet, which includes 40 Isuzu trucks, ranges from light-duty rigs such as a newly collected NLR 45-150 AMT Traypack with customised tail lift, through to heavier FVZ 240-300 Autos specified as a water truck and a garbage compactor. 

Brendon Winterbourn, son of Environmental Industries’s founder Barry Winterbourn, is the company’s general manager and said that business is better than ever in 2024. 

“Our clients are specifically looking for environments that people and the public will be excited to use, so the sites we build and maintain need to be inviting to encourage people into the space,” he explained. 

“We’ve done many large projects over the years such as the grounds for Fiona Stanley Hospital, the Crown Towers in Perth, along with Central Park in the CBD, to name a few. 

“Things really began to take off for the business in the early 2000s, back then we had four trucks and a few utes on the road. 

“Now we have a combined fleet of about 100 vehicles including 40 Isuzu trucks for our staff across multiple projects.” 

Sustained business growth has meant the equipment lockers are expanding quickly to stay level with demand.

Winterbourn shared details of a master plan in place with Major Motors Forrestfield and Sales Dealer Peter Dewar to move the entire transport operation over to Isuzu Trucks’ product. 

“We have a long-term plan with Major Motors to keep operating Isuzu Trucks and continue building the fleet to meet our needs. 

“The consistency in customer service and reliability is one of the reasons we go back time and again to Isuzu and Major Motors—we want to be dealing with the same person to build that lasting business relationship.” 

A large part of their strategy is upgrading their remaining utes to light-duty trucks.

“The business is transitioning away from utes towards light-duty Isuzu trucks for a number of reasons—they have better durability, we can fit more on the back of them, and we find they tow better than a ute.

“The smaller trucks, such as our NLRs, are perfect for three team members on a job site to travel to location with mowers and landscaping equipment loaded in the tray.”

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