PACCAR Parts launches new premium coolant

PACCAR Parts has launched its new premium, Australian made coolant: TRP ALLCOOL.

Developed to help protect engines from both overheating and freezing, ALLCOOL works to keep your truck on the road every single day, come rain or shine.

PACCAR Parts product manager Theresa Weymouth said TRP ALLCOOL was originally developed as a factory fill coolant and when properly maintained meets and exceeds many OEM (original equipment manufacturers) requirements.

“Some of the main benefits of TRP ALLCOOL include protecting diesel engines from liner pitting and scale deposits as well as preventing corrosion of metal components in the cooling system,” Weymouth said.

Available in both premixed and concentrate formulas and in a range of sizes, TRP ALLCOOL is a universal ethylene glycol anti‐freeze and anti‐boil coolant which uses an advanced fully formulated inhibitor package to provide superior protection against liner pitting and scale deposits. The low silicate formula protects all cooling system metals, including aluminium, from corrosion.

TRP ALLCOOL meets and exceeds ASTM specifications for both heavy duty and automotive applications.

TRP provides a reliable range of quality, warranty-backed parts and products for all makes of trucks and trailers.

To back its commitment to supplying reliable and proven products, TRP put its parts through rigorous testing to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards.

Its parts and products are available at its dedicated TRP Stores and PACCAR Parts dealerships Australia-wide.

To find out more about the TRP range of quality products and services, or to find your closest stockist, please visit trpparts.com.au.

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