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WA operator gives fleet management system TMFleet the thumbs up

Time means money for those specialising in hotshot transport and urgent freight, and when Western Australian based Harmon Transportation needed to implement a fleet management system – fast – they found the answer with TMFleet.

Harmon Transportation required a system that not only allowed them to oversee and manage their mixed fleet of assets including utes and trucks, but more importantly they wanted to ensure the new system was easy to use and quick to adopt.

“We required a system that would remove the need for spreadsheets and allow us to see a snapshot of the fleet,” said Harmon Transportation’s general manager Paul Konstek.

“Another important factor was ensuring that any staff member could take over fleet management without complex training, and TMFleet has provided this and more.”

Whilst it all sounds fairly straightforward, it’s a challenging task to find software that not only appears simple but is also easy enough for anyone to login and use, yet TMFleet seems to have nailed the task.

Management are presented with a dashboard that highlights upcoming servicing and renewals like registration or fire extinguisher tagging, thus reducing the risk of missing important recurring tasks. The dashboard also highlights repair requests that have come through from the driver, either manually, or that have been automatically generated from a failed pre-start question.

The true backbone of TMFleet is the digital pre-starts that drivers complete on their mobile phone before they jump in a truck, vehicle, or machine. Every time a driver completes a pre-start, not only are they ensuring the safety and compliance of the vehicle, but without realising they’re also completing administrative tasks that the operations team would otherwise have to chase up and complete.

“TMFleet has automated a bunch of tasks for drivers and fleet managers, even basic things like updating kilometres in the backend of the system so that scheduled services aren’t missed, or automatically creating a repair request from a failed pre-start,” stated Kathy Smith, business development manager at TMFleet.

“Our team really took the time to break down what was missing in the market to ensure that we’re able to offer a solution that truly makes the safety, maintenance and management of a fleet easier.”

The digital pre-starts can be fully customised at no additional cost, and it’s one of the few systems available where it’s easy enough for an admin user to jump in themselves and edit or create their own customised solutions.

Konstek added, “We used to rely on paper, so if there was a failure in any area, it was a complex process where the driver would have to call the operations manager to discuss the issue. Now, with the ability to set the severity of the problem within the pre-start, the driver knows whether that vehicle can leave the depot.

“We also receive the pre-starts in real time instead of waiting for the driver to return to base, so if we’re required to order a part for a minor issue, we can now do this immediately and resolve the problem as soon as the vehicle returns.”

TMFleet caters for fleets of all sizes, even offering their system for free to businesses with fleets with less than 10 assets. Keeping with the theme of simplicity, TMFleet has kept their pricing model simple with no setup fees and a flat monthly cost based on the number of assets you have.

Visit tmfleet.com.au for more information.

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