Freshie wanders into popular Townsville servo

People filling up with fuel at a popular Townsville service station got the shock of their lives when a crocodile turned up on the driveway near the bowsers.

The cops were called when the reptile slithered into the service station on Riverway Drive in Condon on March 19.

Luckily it was a freshwater species which are usually harmless to humans unless of course you happen to swim onto one.

The servo is located not far from the freshwater reaches of Ross River which is inhabited by hundreds of the crocs.

A senior wildlife officer came to the rescue and captured the 1.4m long croc and it was later relocated back into Ross River, as seen in the video shared below.

Locals reckon it wandered into the servo after recent heavy rain.

While this was a freshwater croc, one off the dangerous saltwater types was removed from Ross River up near the mouth.

Another was captured by rangers from the Herbert River near Ingham which is a popular fishing spot for off duty drivers.

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