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New and improved Pearces Creek Bridge now open

Truckies travelling through northern NSW now have access to the new and improved Pearces Creek Bridge, which the state government says will improve safety and efficiency along an important freight route. 

The ageing wooden bridge, which had been reduced to one lane with a strict load limit, has been replaced by a stronger, two-lane concrete structure with guardrails and load limit has been removed.  

The mayor of Lismore, Steve Krieg, said the new bridge has already “greatly improved” safety for heavy vehicles, school buses and other motorists.  

“The new bridge is much more modern, has a stronger structure and is meeting the needs of today’s road users,” he said.  

“It is a great example of Lismore and Ballina councils working together cooperatively in the interest of both of our communities.” 

Ballina mayor Sharon Cadwallader added: “The previous timber Pearces Creek Bridge served the community well for many years, but it reached the end of its life and was no longer meeting the needs of our local community.” 

The $5.24m project has been funded by the NSW Government, Fixing Country Bridges Program and the Federal Government, Bridge Renewal Program. 

NSW regional transport and roads minister Jenny Aitchison said the new bridge will provide more efficient heavy vehicle routes and improve safety outcomes for the broader community.  

“This road is a key connection point between the Lismore and Ballina shires that is used every day by families, freight workers and tourists and they are now able to cross the creek without load restrictions,” she added.  

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