Moorebank Intermodal Terminal officially opens

The Moorebank Intermodal Terminal is officially open – helping to take 3,000 trucks off Sydney roads each day, according to the Government.  

The Moorebank Intermodal Terminal is Australia’s first major metropolitan ‘independent’ interstate terminal, operating under an open access arrangement and not controlled by a single existing above rail operator. 

The site will be able to manage 500,000 20ft containers annually, with each train that comes through the terminal able to move 1,500 tonnes of freight. 

Each of the 1,800m trains the Interstate Terminal can accommodate has the potential to remove 100 B-double trucks from Australia’s roads, easing congestion. 

The Government claims that this will help the movement of rail freight between cities and regions, and help drive efficiency and competition across the national freight network, which will ultimately flow onto savings for businesses and consumers. 

When complete, the fully integrated industrial precinct at Moorebank will house over 850,000 square meters of modern industrial warehouses and will support more than 6,800 jobs.  

It is also home to Australia’s largest rooftop solar installation with the capacity to generate over 100 megawatts of renewable energy. 

The Moorebank Interstate Terminal is being developed as a joint venture between the Australian Government-owned National Intermodal Corporation, with Qube Holdings and LOGOS, with the Australian Government having committed $570 million towards the Intermodal Precinct. 

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who officially opened the terminal, said: “The opening of the Moorebank Interstate Terminal is a major milestone in the development of the broader precinct that will create and support Australian jobs, while improving the efficiency of supply chains. 

“We want to see a future made in Australia and having the key infrastructure in place will play a huge role in supporting more good, well paying Aussie jobs. 

“The new terminal will play an important role in improving travel for Sydneysiders taking more than 3,000 heavy trucks off Sydney roads daily. That means less time spent on the roads and more time with family and friends. 

“The Moorebank Intermodal Precinct demonstrates how Government leadership and co-investment with industry can deliver world class infrastructure assets resulting in significant value for future generations.” 

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