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Doing this exercise every day will help

This is a continuation of my previous article on mental and physical wellbeing and the work of Dr Kelly Turner’s 10 Healing Factors for building cancer immunity. 

Dr Kelly has researched over 1000 individuals who have survived cancer against the odds. 

The first and the most significant of the 10 Healing Factors is ‘Having a Strong Reason for Living’. In all of the cancer remission cases Dr Kelly investigated, Having a Strong Reason for Living was part of every single individual’s story.

As individuals today, we have been conditioned to be continually looking for reason to be offended. The amount of political correctness in our world today is testimony to this fact. 

Does my bloody head in actually. We are all entitled to our opinions and provided these opinions are not intended to offend others, so be it. 

As a Shits Creek Tour Guide, one of my favourite saying is: ‘What other people say or think about you is none of your bloody business’. Constructive criticism is important, however this will come for someone we respect and for a reason. It will obviously be for our individual benefit for whatever reason.

Reflecting on the past almost 30 years when I was lucky enough to survive bowel and prostate cancer and then almost ending my life by suicide, is a very sobering realisation of how much I had to live for. 

I was one of the lucky ones, sadly however there are far too many of our family, friends and work colleagues not so fortunate.

I can assure you, we all have many good reasons for living. Take a few minutes right now and think about your Strong Reasons for Living. If you have a pen and paper, write them down and keep it handy as the more you think about it, there will be so many things you didn’t realise. 

Reasons for living is very much an individual thing. Family might be top of list for some, while travel or 4×4-ing to the tip of Australia might be for someone else.

Being focused on a good feeling you are more likely to be in a good positive space as opposed to the stress response. Having the right rest and relax chemical flowing through your body can actually help your body to heal.

Focusing on your reasons for living is a distraction for the mind to not focus on the stressful side of what you are facing. It is not going to eliminate it but by reducing it to a minimum is good for your overall wellness.

Dr Kelly Turner’s Radical Remission teaching is based on scientific research. One study has found that cancer patients with depression die sooner. Clear proof that depression impacts directly on your physical health. 

One of the recognised symptoms of depression is not having a will to live, not wanting to get out bed in the morning and no reason to live. 

As individuals we need to find our personal Strong Reasons for Living and remind ourselves of these reasons every morning before we step out of bed.

Doing this exercise every day will help with feelings of depression generally as well as help with your overall physical wellbeing. 

Words of wisdom from a Shits Creek Tour Guide: “We are here for a good time so focus on the strong reasons you have to be here, every single day.”

Our minds respond to the words we say and the pictures we make, change the words, change the pictures, change your life. 

  • If you, or anyone you know needs help, call Lifeline on 131 114 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636.

Former truckie Graham Cotter is a certified hypnotherapist, rapid transformational therapist, life coach, mindfulness facilitator and a radical remission teacher/coach and can be reached via

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