Trucking board game creator looks to expand on its success

Following its launch nearly three years ago, a unique Australian trucking boardgame is ready to go one step further, with a traveller expansion pack in the works.

The game was created by Trefor Jones, who worked as a truckie before spending nearly 40 years in the truck hire industry.

His Australian road transport board game was something he had dreamed of creating for about 20 years.

He’s now launched a Kickstarter in the hope of bringing the Linehauler Traveller expansion to fruition.

The expansion set follows on from the original game, which is required in order to utilise to the new kit.

The Linehauler Traveller expansion introduces a new option of play for players who have limited space or who are looking for another challenge with some twists – perfectly suited for those travelling on the road.

It would also include model truck play markers, with a cabover and three bonneted trucks in each pack.

Jones is hoping to raise $9800 via his Kickstarter to bring the Linehauler Traveller expansion to fruition.

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