NQ Dangerous Goods Training saves companies time and money

Based in Mackay, Queensland, and locally owned and operated, NQ Dangerous Goods Training (NQDGT) provides training for the TLILIC0001 Licence to Transport Dangerous Goods by Road.

Its location means it’s ideally situated to accommodate the Mackay, Central and Northern Queensland regions – saving local companies time and money, as there’s no need for course participants to travel outside of the region.

NQDGT was started by Andrew Triffett in February 2023, following a knee replacement the previous year that restricted him to the house.

Triffett has extensive experience in the dangerous goods space. He has worked in the industry since 1998 in roles as diverse as a driver, trainer assessor, scheduler and depot manager.

He’s worked with petroleum fuels, oils, LPG, and Anhydrous Ammonia.

He’s also worked with ammonium nitrate, emulsion and acids as a driver and while working on a mine site conducting the resupply of products required for the blasting crews and various types of explosives in the Army.

“Dangerous goods training is a role I’ve always wanted to do – and I’m passionate about the safety of our workers out there,” Triffett said.

“Whilst sitting around recovering at home I upgraded my Cert IV and approached an RTO – SWQ Training which is based in Toowoomba. They have taken me onboard as a third party. The company and staff are excellent to work alongside with and provide me with a lot of support.”

The training provided by NQDGT is a nationally accredited course.

The ‘TLILIC0001 Licence to transport Dangerous Goods by Road’ training consists of a two-day course which covers all aspects of the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADG) 7.8 together with relevant legislation. It includes Dangerous Goods classifications, placarding, stowage and load restraint, segregation and compatibility, emergency procedures, and licensing requirements.

Triffett says he launched his business after identifying a gap for this training within his region – which also includes Nebo, Proserpine, Moranbah, Clermont, Emerald and Rockhampton.

“Being place based in Mackay alleviates the need for companies to fly or have their employees travel outside of the area or wait for a trainer to fly into town to conduct the training,” Triffett added.

“We’re all aware of the extra costs involved for flights, by vehicle, accommodation and not to mention the extra time away from their place of work which then places pressure on companies to cover that gap whilst their employee isn’t there for an extended period of time.”

As the transportation of Dangerous Goods doesn’t just operate between 8am-5pm Triffett says his training schedule is flexible to accommodate company needs.

“I have conducted training on night shift for employees as it works for the company, and I have and will continue to conduct one on one training if requested too.”

About the course

TLILIC0001 Licence to Transport Dangerous Goods by Road provides the knowledge of dangerous goods road transport legislation and the Australian Dangerous Goods Code (ADG 7.8). Upon successful completion of the course the driver is able to approach their state or territory regulatory authority and apply for the issue of that state or territory’s driver authorisation/licence. The two-day course covers all aspects of the Australian Dangerous Goods (ADG) Code and the relevant legislation including classification, marking, documentation, stowage and load restraint, segregation and compatibility plus responsibilities of the individuals involved.

For more information or to book, please visit nqdangerousgoodstraining.com.

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