Roadworks speed cameras to start issuing fines after 18-month delay


New solar-powered high-tech speed cameras at roadworks sites around Queeensland haven’t issued a single fine since they were rolled out 18 months ago.

The cameras were officially launched at the state’s road safety week in 2022 and were also designed to nab those speeding through school zones.

Data released by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) to ABC Radio Brisbane shows the same cameras in school zones issued over 10,000 fines since becoming operational in August.

But those same cameras set up in roadworks sites have only been capturing “vehicle speed data” until now.

“During operational trials and further industry engagement, industry requested a solution able to be deployed at shorter term roadworks,” a TMR spokesperson said.

“An alternative camera type was subsequently sourced and is now being installed.

“Following the conclusion of operational trials, it is anticipated the roadworks cameras will commence issuing infringement notices in May 2024.”

According to one report, the new cameras will be mounted in a converted excavator and can be moved around a roadworks site via a remote control.

At a media conference for the ribbon-cutting ceremony to launch the opening of a $662.5 million expansion of the Bruce Highway between Caboolture-Bribie Island Road to Steve Irwin Way in Elimbah, state transport minister Bart Mellish said he’ll be asking TMR some serious questions.

“For me, that’s not acceptable if we’re not issuing fines when we’re supposed to be issuing fines,” Mellish said.

“I haven’t been fully briefed on what the reasons are behind this, but I’ll be asking them some questions.”

TMR said both the school zone and roadworks cameras are subject to a pilot, which is due to finish in June 2025.

“The pilot will be evaluated to determine the road safety benefits and technical performance of the technology,” a spokesperson said.

“The results of the evaluation will inform any decision to continue the program.”

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  1. As an ex road constructer it is my opinion that road works safety rules have in particula in qld. Have gone out of the way to agrivate mororists. There in no nessesety to have road works signs and speed limits where there is no road works activity in place, and when abandond at the end of the day speed limits should be restord to a more practical speed limit. I have been told by road traffic control personal that the reason speed limits are not restord is because road traffic control bill road contractors with a bill on every signage change and to save the contractor money they preffer to antaganise motorists. These new speed cameras are just going to be a legal but imoral money grab by government to get into the action and money ,it will be more profetable than macdonalds.

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