Two-way directional traffic flow to recommence on Barkly Hwy

Two-way traffic flow across the Barkly Highway will be restored without time limits for heavy vehicles with a 13-axle (double road train) limit from Friday, April 12.

The NT Road Transport Association (NTRTA) said this access will be in place until Monday, April 15, when another update will be provided.

Until the restrictions are lifted on April 12, the Barkly was only open eastbound between midday to 3pm, and westbound between 6-9am.

“It is essential that all drivers respect the road conditions, behave respectfully and courteously on the two-way and adhering to speed limits in place,” said the NTRTA in a notice to industry.

NTRTA said the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL) had identified several operators who have transported OSOM loads illegally (without permit) and these operators will be prosecuted.

“From an industry perspective, please understand that these actions impact the reputation of the entire industry.”

The association also added that DIPL anticipates that OSOM load restrictions on the flood-ravaged Stuart Highway will be lifted in the next two weeks.

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