Waste company the first to trial rear loader electric truck on regional route

Waste and recycling business FOOTT will begin a month-long trial of a Volvo FE electric truck on their regional routes.

The use of an electric Volvo waste truck on a regional route such as this is an Australian first, which the company says was made possible through collaboration with CMV Truck & Bus Shepparton and Volvo Trucks Australia.

Based in Shepparton, FOOTT has been a partner to various organisations, large and small, for the past 30 years.

They have a focus on innovation and technology and strive to implement cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency and sustainability across the waste industry.

The business is continually evolving and finding new and better ways to manage waste and divert more recyclable resources away from landfill.

“We have always been committed to innovation to reduce our environmental impacts. At FOOTT we have invested in new technology, equipment and infrastructure and developed new processes to enable us to continually improve our service offerings to customers,” said Andrew Yeoland, FOOTT chief executive officer.

As part of FOOTT’s ongoing efforts to embrace the latest innovations, the company has embarked on a one-month trial of the Volvo EV rear loader electric truck.

This is the first rear loader electric truck to be in operation in a regional location in Australia.

The Volvo FE electric truck being used for the trial. Image: CMV Group

Volvo electric trucks offer numerous benefits, including zero emissions, reduced noise pollution, and lower operating costs compared to traditional diesel trucks.

This three-axle 6×2 truck is well suited for waste collection and has been fitted with a 16 cubic metre waste body. It utilises four Gen 2 batteries with a capacity of 265KWh and has a potential range of up to 220 kilometres. FOOTT is exploring the potential use of electric trucks for council kerbside collections, and for short-haul transport, where feasible.

“Zero emissions are possible for our regional customers with the right application. The FOOTT trial will provide valuable insights into the impact of electric PTO use on range and productivity to drive future technologies,” commented Tim Camilleri, Volvo Group Australia e-mobility solutions manager.

FOOTT has had an ongoing and expanding relationship with Volvo Trucks and CMV Truck & Bus, further exemplified through this latest trial.

“CMV Truck & Bus has been a trusted partner of FOOTT for over 15 years, their knowledge and passion for sustainable solutions makes them the perfect business to align with especially as we transition to electric vehicles,” Yeoland added.

To help make the next month-long trial a success, CMV Truck & Bus has used Volvo’s proprietary Electronic Range Simulation Tool (ERS) to ensure the team from FOOTT are completely up to speed on all aspects of the trial, including range, charging and route mapping.

“We are thrilled to support FOOTT in their sustainability journey with new technologies. CMV Truck & Bus is at the forefront of supporting customers in their transition to more renewable energy sources and will be with the FOOTT team every step of the way,” said Brody Gray, CMV Truck & Bus branch manager.

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