Truck donation helps keep wheels turning for food relief in Perth

A brand new truck is set to play an essential role for food relief organisation Foodbank WA’s services in and around Perth. 

The new Isuzu NLR 45-150 AMT with a refrigerated van body is the newest addition to Foodbank WA’s fleet.

The organisation recently received the keys to the light-duty Isuzu, courtesy of Busby Investments (trading as Budget Car and Truck Rental WA), Major Motors Isuzu and Isuzu Australia Limited.

John McShera, group general manager and director of Busby Investments, who has a long-term business relationship with the not-for-profit company, and Major Motors Isuzu were a driving force behind organising the truck donation.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day; it’s taken about six months of planning to get to the stage where the keys are now in the hands of Foodbank WA,” said McShera.

“We have a longstanding partnership with Major Motors who supply Isuzu Trucks for our own fleet and are a family business like Busby Investments.

“It’s been a real community effort, for the good of the community itself.”

Foodbank WA focuses its efforts on reducing food stress, collecting donations from around the state and distributing to those in need.

They rely on volunteers to drive their vehicles on collection rounds, from partnering suppliers and distribution centres to various locations around Perth.

Truck models such as Isuzu’s NLR 45-150 AMT, with an accessible GVM of 4500 kg and a two-pedal transmission, are able to be driven on a standard car licence. This is favoured by Foodbank WA and their volunteers on the road, explained Mike McLaren, Foodbank WA senior infrastructure and logistics manager.

“We offer a Mobile Foodbank in Perth, driving to roughly 30 set locations every single week and delivering fresh produce and hampers, which are collected directly from our trucks,” explained McLaren.

“The standard car licence model NLR is very good for our volunteers on the road – we like standardisation across our fleet, so the trucks are all the same to drive and the staff don’t require extra licencing.”

The NLR 45-150 also comes with active safety features in Isuzu’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) with Advanced Emergency Braking, Lane Departure Warnings, Forward Collision Warnings and more.

Demand for Foodbank WA’s services, volunteers and drivers is expected to increase as the WA operation looks to expand its Mobile Foodbank service.

Major Motors Isuzu sales manager, Peter Dewar, said the dealership was pleased to assist with delivering a suitable truck model for Foodbank WA and fostering strong relationships within their local transport community.

“Major Motors has had an excellent relationship with Busby Investments, so when John McShera reached out to us to assist with a reliable truck chassis, we were more than happy to lend a hand,” said Dewar.

“The NLR features all the new safety systems that Isuzu Trucks offer in their light-duty models, so I think that across the board, the drivers will be happy with this.

“The Automated Manual Transmission in the NLR is also a great choice for the range of drivers in Foodbank’s volunteer staff team.”

Craig White, Head of Sales for Isuzu Australia Limited, said Isuzu was pleased to provide support in delivering the new truck for Foodbank WA.

“The good work that Foodbank WA do is invaluable and speaks for itself, so we are proud to partner with them in this endeavour,” said White.

“It is wonderful to see that the great relationship between the three companies and Isuzu Trucks has brought about this outcome – we hope it will be of benefit for the Western Australian community and those in need.”

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