TikTok truckie shows what drivers deal with every day

If you spend much time on social media, you’ll probably have come across Aaron Farquhar.

The interstate driver has amassed over 51,000 followers on TikTok and 77,000 on Facebook – and has plans to become “Australia’s most famous truckie”.

Aaron started making content during the pandemic, when he had a bit of extra time on his hands.

The 37-year-old’s first video quickly went viral, racking up 10 million views on Facebook and 1.5 million on TikTok.

“It got shared around everywhere, and that’s when I thought – OK, maybe truckie comedy is something people are interested in,” he told Big Rigs.

Since then, Aaron has been making comedic videos under the name Aaron, the Typical Trucker on Facebook and The Typical Trucker” on TikTok.


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While he enjoys making people laugh, he has some more serious goals too.

“When I first started making comedy videos for social media, I was in a bit of a rough place mentally,” he said.

“As an interstate truck driver, I was finding it hard to have a life outside work, because I had so little time at home.

“I just wanted to show what we deal with on the road.

“I’m passionate about the mental health of drivers and I want to use my platform to build a community for truckies.”

Aaron Farquhar has worked for PrixCar for the past seven years. Image: Aaron Farquhar

Aaron, who transports cars between dealerships in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for automotive logistics company PrixCar, also wants to raise awareness of truckie etiquette and help to improve safety on the roads.

“I want to get the message out about things like when a truck is overtaking you, just slow down about 10km/h and let them pass you,” he said.

“Or when you get to a roundabout – you don’t have to stay in your lane, if you need to – lane check, get in the middle so people know not to come up beside you.”

Part of improving safety is bridging the divide between truckies and the NHVR, he argued.

“I want to break that stigma about the NHVR – that it’s us vs them,” he said.

“They aren’t there to raise revenue or make our lives a living hell.

“They are there for a good reason, because truckies are dying nearly every week in Australia.

“I’ve seen some of the trucks out on the road and I’ve seen how some people drive and I’m surprised there aren’t more accidents.”

The western Sydney native said he has received backlash for some of his videos in the past, and he is open to learning and growing from criticism.

“I care what people think about me,” he said.

“I don’t like when people dislike me.

“If I do something wrong or I have been disrespectful, I am willing to change that.”

Aaron’s video, “Why do truckers kick their tyres?” has over 1m views on Tiktok. Image: TikTok

Aaron’s ultimate goal is to be a reality TV star.

“I wanted to go on Big Brother last year – that’s where I could really showcase my personality and who I am,” he said.

“They ended up doing the typical Love Island type show, which a lot of Aussies don’t want – they want real people.

“Put me in a house with a vegan or a woke person and you’ll have a lot of laughs!

“I know how to debate people, but I am understanding of other people’s cultures, sexualities and religions.”

He was recently approached to appear on Outback Truckers, which he said he’d love to do one day – but it wasn’t the right time.

“I made an announcement that I was going to be on the show as an April Fool’s joke, and I really was approached by the producer,” he said.

“It just couldn’t work with my current commitments, but who knows what the future may hold.”

Aaron also dreams of making his own truckie reality TV show.

“I’m constantly contacting production companies trying to get someone to look into a new reality-based truckie show.

“Something more along the lines of our funny banter, real life issues and family life. Hopefully I can eventually get something like that looked at.”

Aaron wants to break the stigma around mental health in the trucking community. Image: Aaron Farquhar

Aaron said more and more truckies are getting on TikTok these days, but not many of them are making engaging content.

“They like to sit back and watch but not many of them have that creative side,” he said.

“If they do make creative content, they start to veer off in the wrong direction.

“They use it to make money or get credit for themselves or criticise drivers.”

Aaron acknowledged that he also wants to make money to support himself and his family, but has plans to put some of the money he’s raised into care packages for drivers.

“I want to make packs with toothpaste, soap shampoo etc and hand them out to drivers so they can keep them in their trucks,” he said.

“Just something to give back.”

Although he works long hours and acknowledges that there are plenty of issues in the trucking industry, Aaron still loves his job.

“I work 80 hours a week – I pull up, have a shower, have a feed, go to sleep and then I do it all again.

“People might think truck drivers are just a bum in the seat but without us, nothing gets where it needs to go.

“It’s a hard job but I love it, and I’m passionate about making a difference in the industry.”

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