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Common complaints about steering in heavy vehicles are steering rattles, heavy steering, binding, wandering or drag.

This can quite often lead to vibration or rattles travelling through to the column as acoustic vibrations, and this sometimes leads to unnecessary column replacement.

Columns do at times need to be replaced or remanufactured due to wear and tear or unnecessary loads being placed onto the steering wheel and column with utilising the wheel as a grab handle.

The director of Complete Steering Australia (CSA), Michael Pendergast, having been in the heavy vehicle steering industry for in excess of 36 years, has used this experience and knowledge to identify ways to overcome common steering complaints.

Standard corrections like sector lash, and eliminating free play in linkages, all lead to a need to minimise all free movement between the steering wheel and the steering gear. This has highlighted the need for a complete redesign of heavy vehicle I-Shafts for Australian conditions.

CSA undertook the task of designing and now manufacturing I-shafts to suit the needs of most heavy and medium duty vehicles.

The design incorporates:

• Precise machining of sliding components for smoother, closer tolerances

• Treatment of sliding components for extended working life whilst retaining close tolerances

  Anti-rattle design

• Designed for smoother, quieter operation

• Minimal sliding forces required

  Nil rotating backlash

• Greaseable, replaceable universals

• Retrofit to heavy and medium truck applications

CSA has spent many years developing, testing and trialling this product in many applications on road and off road. CSA has received exceptional response and feedback from fleets, single operators and workshops across Australia.

Some of their feedback has included quotes such as:

“It has stopped all bump feedback through the column and wheel.”

“It’s lightened the steering and does not have any hard spots.”

“It’s never steered this good.”

“Wow, steers like a new truck should with no rattles through the column.”

The design parameters provide nil rotational backlash, and includes an anti-rattle design which reduces the transmission of steering chatter through the column.

The metallurgic treatment of the sliding components extends the working life while retaining close tolerances.

The Heavy Duty I-Shaft also has an adaptive system allowing customised assembly, length and uni-phasing.

The low slip load attributes to a smoother steering feel while providing longer lasting durable components.

CSA’s ingenuity and tenacity has resulted in an innovative design which has now been proven in the field in all types of road conditions, effectively reducing rattling columns, smoother steering and bump feedback through the wheel providing smoother steering with less driver fatigue.

The CSA I-Shaft is now available through all Paccar Parts and TRP Dealers and CSA approved diagnostic centres across Australia.

Mention this editorial to receive fixed price fitment for the month of May when you purchase an I-Shaft from CSA direct in Melbourne or Brisbane. Phone 1300 270 370 for more information.

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