Here’s how balanced wheels equal fuel savings

Atlas Balance Rings presented at the national Big Wheels Conference at Coogee in March. This proved a winning combination of skills.

Experts in wheel alignment, Big Wheels Truck Alignment has been aligning trucks for over 30 years; from small delivery vans and 4WDs to huge mining trucks, cranes and everything in between. But what happens when some of the best aligners in the business can’t fix the problem despite their evident expertise?

It may be about balance

Consider this case study. A busy rubbish truck, after five visits, just couldn’t be aligned and the drive was so bad, that the owner was refusing to drive it. Franchisee owner Danny from Dandenong then recommended and fitted Euro Atlas Balance Rings. The owner called back only 45 minutes later… and reported that “the change is absolutely amazing.”

Matt Swan from Big Wheels in Geelong (pictured above right) is a good businessperson, a truck driver, and also a diesel mechanic, so understands customer’s needs. Knowing his wheel alignment customers would benefit from cost and comfort with Atlas Balance Rings, Matt gained the customer’s permission and then gifted Atlas Balance Rings to two of his customers. One was a transport company, and the other was a 220-bus company in Geelong. The transport driver almost immediately reported, “It’s unreal how smooth it is now!”

Impressive fuel savings

Big Wheels Geelong look after DRT in Geelong and fits Atlas Balance Rings to many rigs. They recently ran a fuel test on a new FTE Quad Fridge Van, running multiple weekly Melbourne to Sydney hauls. Now that it’s fully fitted out with Atlas Balance Rings;  there is extra tyre life, but also 70 litres in savings per trip! So across 52 weeks, with 5-6 trips per week,  that’s a saving of around 21,840 litres of diesel.

Savings for New Zealand drivers are even more impressive. Typically, diesel costs are higher, and the mountainous roads make any kind of haulage challenging. Paul Rudd from Reliable Distributors, Auckland reported, “After fitting the Atlas Balance Rings to our 104KW it has changed the truck – it’s more positive on the road, takes the wander out of the drive combined with a good wheel alignment, I’d recommend these as a good move.”

How about saving the planet?

In the early days of Atlas Balance Rings, the founder found this pile of dumped tyres (pictured below) in NSW, and became even more committed to saving drivers’ money and reducing wasted resources. How much might Atlas Balance Rings have reduced this pile from the get-go?   

Let’s add reduced use of fossil fuels by tyre manufacturers, reduced emissions, less diesel, less waste to manage, and better use of resources with recycled materials.

That’s confidence!

After fitting balance rings to thousands of trucks in Australia, New Zealand, and worldwide; the stories from happy owners and operators are legion. Atlas knows, with absolute confidence, that you will save; including avoiding an aching back and tiring painful drives. It’s interesting that as humans, we are often concerned with rigs looking good with expensive shiny accessories, rather than investing a tiny amount relatively-speaking (a set of rings starts from $550 plus GST. Note that price rises are necessary from May 1, so you may need to contact Atlas Balance Company quickly).

With a 365-day money-back guarantee (and a five-year product warranty), Atlas Balance dares drivers anywhere, hauling anything – on roads of any condition – to try them. Your bookkeeper, who often is also your partner in this industry, will be so glad you did.

For more information, visit atlasbalance.com.au or call 1300 228 527.

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