Camping TikToker calls on followers to respect Aussie truckies

An Australian camping TikToker has called on his followers to be more considerate of truck drivers while on the roads.  

Marcus, who goes by the name Oz Camper on TikTok, is known for creating content around camping, four-wheel driving, and Australian horror stories.  

Yesterday, he took to his channel to share a video about his interactions with truck drivers. 

“A lot of truckies contact me because of the things they’ve seen in Australia,” he said. 

“They have the opportunity to travel a lot of this land and there’s not much they haven’t seen.  

“I also get told that there’s a lot they have seen that no-one should ever see.”  

He said being a truckie is one of the toughest jobs in Australia, and drivers should get more respect.

“The things that they do and their working way of life, it’s insane,” he said.  

@ozcamper Truckies in australia have one of the hardest jobs people don’t realise. it’s never hard to drive in a manner that assists them and makes life easier. be a legend #truckies #trucks #trucker #truckersoftiktok #4×4 #camping #fishing #tradies #tradie #construction #bluecollar ♬ original sound – Oz Camper

He called on his followers to make more of an effort to safely share the road with truck drivers and make things easier for them.  

“Next time that you’re driving on the freeway and you can see a truck trying to merge or get through somewhere, be a good person and let them in,” he said.  

“Slow up a little bit.  

“I can’t imagine how difficult it would be actually operating some of these trucks.  

“So just do your part and drive for them because without them, we’re screwed.” 


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