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Bruce Highway to benefit from additional $467 million investment

Federal transport and infrastructure minister Catherine King has announced an extra $467 million is heading the way of the Bruce Highway from this week’s federal budget.

This funding includes $154 million for improvements along the Bruce Highway North corridor, and an additional injection of funding to support the delivery of a number of important existing Bruce Highway upgrade projects.

King said the Albanese government is also investing $15 million to plan for the upgrade of the Pine River Bridge.

Overall, the government has committed more than $10 billion in the Bruce, said King.

She added that there would be more details on transport infrastructure in Queensland after the budget is announced on Tuesday night.

“Queensland is an economic powerhouse with important agriculture, resource and tourism industries and the Bruce Highway plays a critical role in freight movements and passenger travel for the state,” she said.

“This extra funding will help ensure people can get to their destinations safer and sooner.

“Good transport links are vital to moving freight, building productivity and getting people home to their families safely.”

Treasurer Jim Chalmers called it a “budget for the Bruce”.

“I back the Bruce and our budget will back the Bruce too,” he said.

“Billons already in our budget and now hundreds of millions more to come.

“As a Queenslander I take absolutely no convincing that this is the right road to support and the right thing to do.

“The Bruce is a crucial part of Queensland and that makes it a crucial part of our national economy.

“We are getting more money for the Bruce so it can get more Queenslanders and more of our produce safely to their destination.”

Here’s a breakdown of the various Bruce Highway projects that have received funding.

Bruce Highway South – Australian Government commitment $5.6 billion:

  • Bruce Highway – Pine River Bridge Capacity Upgrade – Plan and Preserve
  • Bruce Highway – Pine River to Caloundra Road Smart Motorways (Stage 2)
  • Widen Bruce Highway in Brisbane (Dohles Rocks Road to Anzac Avenue)
  • Gateway Motorway – Bracken Ridge to Pine River
  • Bruce Highway – Anzac Avenue to Uhlmann Road
  • Bruce Highway – Anzac Avenue– Uhlmann Road – Business Case
  • Bruce Highway – Buchanan Road – Caboolture Bribie Island Road – Business Case
  • Bruce Highway – Uhlmann Road–Buchanan Road – Business Case
  • Bruce Highway – Gateway Motorway to Dohles Rocks Road Upgrade
  • Bruce Highway – Cooroy to Curra – Section D
  • Bruce Highway – Tiaro Flood Immunity Upgrade
  • Bruce Highway – Linkfield Road Overpass

Bruce Highway Central – Australian Government commitment $1.6 billion:

  • Bruce Highway – Mackay Port Access – Slade Point Road
  • Bruce Highway – Knobels Road Intersection Upgrade
  • Bruce Highway – Jumper Creek Upgrade
  • Bruce Highway – Goorganga Plains Upgrade – Plan and Preserve Corridor
  • Bruce Highway – O’Connell River to Proserpine Flood Immunity Upgrade (Goorganga Floodplain)
  • Bruce Highway – Goorganga Overtaking Lanes
  • Bruce Highway – Construct 2 Dual (4 of) Overtaking Lanes from Gladstone – Mt Larcom Road to Bajool – Port Alma Road
  • Bruce Highway – Planning and preconstruction (various)
  • Bruce Highway – Gladstone to Rockhampton upgrades
  • Bruce Highway – Gavial Creek to Burnett Highway Upgrade
  • Bruce Highway – Safety reconstruction of the existing highway section at Bajool
  • Bruce Highway – Major upgrade/Grade–separation of Gladstone–Mt Larcom Road Intersection
  • Bruce Highway – Construct 2 Overtaking Lanes from Benaraby to Gladstone – Mt Larcom Road
  • Bruce Highway – Pavement renewal (Gladstone – Rockhampton)
  • Bruce Highway – Construct 1 Dual (2 of) Overtaking Lanes from Gavial – Gracemere Road to Burnett Highway
  • Bruce Highway – Ginger Beer Creek Upgrade

Bruce Highway North – Australian Government commitment $1.9 billion:

  • Bruce Highway – Cairns Southern Access Corridor – Robert Road to Foster Road
  • Bruce Highway – Cairns Southern Access – Stage 5
  • Bruce Highway – Babinda Intersection Upgrade
  • Bruce Highway – Innisfail Bypass – Plan and Preserve Corridor
  • Bruce Highway – Dallachy Road Flood Immunity Upgrade
  • Bruce Highway – Gairloch Floodway – improved flood immunity
  • Bruce Highway – Ingham to Cardwell Range Deviation – Plan and Preserve Corridor
  • Bruce Highway – Burdekin Deviation – Plan and Preserve Corridor
  • Bruce Highway – Burdekin Bridge
  • Bruce Highway – Pavement Widening – South of Home Hill to Ingham

Bruce Highway Safety Package – Australian Government commitment $1.4 billion

  • Bruce Highway – Bruce Highway Safety Package
  • Bruce Highway – Overtaking Lanes
  • Bruce Highway – Additional Funding for Black Spots, Rest Areas and Safety Upgrades
  • Bruce Highway – Roads Operations Improvement Projects

Rockhampton Ring Road – Australian Government commitment $1.2 billion

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