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Helping trucking industry transition towards net zero emissions

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) has launched a new set of resources to help operators play their part to help achieve the nation’s net zero emission targets.

Unveiled today at the TruckShowX 2024 event in Victoria, the Get Fleet Fit initiative for small- to medium-sized operators outlines five practical steps to enhance fuel efficiency, reduce operational costs, and decrease carbon emissions.

“The trucking industry is a significant and irreplaceable arm of the nation’s freight hauling sector. Australia cannot run without trucking, and we will fail to achieve emissions reduction from road freight unless the transition is cost effective,” said NatRoad CEO Warren Clark.

“Transport customers are increasingly looking to reduce their supply chain emissions, which will increase the need for trucking operators to be able to understand their own emissions and the different strategies for emissions reduction.”

“It is these members and operators who are best placed to make the decisions and changes required to ensure they remain viable, while making a real contribution to emissions reduction. That’s the purpose of these resources, to help guide and advise them.”

NatRoad said it is committed to working collaboratively with ministers, government, industry, members, and partners to support the transition to net zero carbon emissions.

It sees the Get Fleet Fit initiative as a positive and practical example of this commitment, offering truck operators the tools they need to succeed in a changing economic landscape.

This is the first phase of the project, with further detailed guides being provided for each step over the coming months.

“Our aim is to not only assist our members to transition to lower emissions, but to also encourage a collective approach among all stakeholders in the industry,” Clark said.

“While the industry works to drive significant changes internally, we know that comprehensive support from the federal government is also crucial. That’s why we are advocating for a robust policy framework and have called for a $3.5 billion fund to help facilitate this vital transition for our sector.”

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  1. Emission have never been lower; the supply chain will do what is responsible but when you compare the urgency put on Aus compared to the likes of more populace nations then the urgency seems absurd in reality. For the majority of people, Net zero will be like living back in the 1800’s, only the rich will have what we have now. Net zero will also apply to what we will own if these unelected get their way.

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