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Education resource for truck fleets transitioning to new energy sources

Teletrac Navman, the connected mobility platform for industries that manage vehicle and equipment assets, has launched a new podcast called Mobilising The Future of Fleets.

Broadcast in both video and audio formats, it aims to provide an educational resource for fleets transitioning to different energy types and developed with subject matter experts from across the industry. To subscribe, listen and/or watch, click here.

The series is hosted by Barney Goffer, product manager – Fleet Energy Solutions at Teletrac Navman, with experts, Professor Colin Herron, a special advisor to the UK government, Nate Valaik, director of strategy – Alternative Energy & Sustainability Fleets at Teletrac Navman’s parent company, Vontier, as well as Peter Crowe, European sales manager at ANGI Energy Systems, a specialist in alternative energy solutions and also part of Vontier.

The first episode – see short trailer below – discusses mixed energy types and their different applications.

The podcast covers the energy options for a mixed energy fleet and the reasons for and against change, while also discussing the difference between ‘at-scale’ and ‘scaling’ technologies and what the options will potentially look like in five years’ time as technology evolves at pace.

With a reported minimum $5 trillion per year needing to be spent on supporting the transition to carbon zero, Teletrac Navman said the podcast series will see engaging discussion and debate held on topics including the options for mixed energy fleets, such as EV, hydrogen, CNG/RNG and biofuels.

The future of alternative energy technology will also be covered, along with infrastructure, the impact of behavioural change on the success of a mixed energy future, as well as answers to questions submitted by fleet operators.

“We recognise that the road to net zero for fleets is a complex one. Even though the end-goal might be net zero, the truth is that getting there is a journey that will include multiple fuel types and an infrastructure that is dynamic and fleets need to be given the full picture of what that could potentially look like,”

“It is also a privilege to be working with someone as esteemed as Professor Herron, who has such deep-rooted experience and knowledge of the automotive sector and can help bring some clarity to a transportation sector that is about to experience the biggest change in its evolution.”

Professor Herron added: “My main priority is ensuring there is clarity in the market. The road to EV has already experienced several expected twists and turns due to the volume of information hitting the market and which tends to miss some of the most relevant points. I’m pleased to be working with Teletrac Navman on this project, a business which is placing great importance on sustainable futures and a sustainable transition to EV.”

With Teletrac Navman’s recent global telematics survey finding only 11 per cent of fleets are in the advanced stages of transition, and more than half (65 per cent) are feeling environmental pressure to transition to alternative energy, the podcast brings considerable industry and academic experience together to provide answers and opinion on the energy transition topics that have elicited the most commentary and questions from the transport industry.

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