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Operator kicking goals doing what he loves most

As far as truck drivers go, Ash Farmer is as fair dinkum as they come. 

Living out in Horsham he works his Sterling hard carting his tippers from point to point.

The first time I photographed Ash through Ararat he was rapt to find his image on my Truckspotting Ararat page and we’ve become good mates since.

Ash has been in the trucking industry going on five years now and enjoys what he does and to be honest, it shows with the pride he takes in his truck and trailers.

When it comes to his truck, he always had a desire to own a Sterling and that’s exactly what he did, pulling the tippers day-in, day-out with plenty of work keeping him busy.

It’s a 2008 Hx9500 workhorse with ‘Odd One’ emblazoned on the bug deflector and the names of Ash’s three children on the side.

“The ‘Odd One’ was the first name that came to mind when deciding on a name,” said Ash.

“The goal was to be out there and different to the normal trucks on the road both by make and colour scheme, and it was originally the only Sterling in a fleet of five Kenworths before I got her.

“I have the names of my children on the side so they’re with me in spirt when I’m away and also for the future when I get older and can pass the truck down.”

Growing up, Ash had his mind set on becoming a truck driver. 

Ash states it was always his dream to get into the industry and now he’s kicking plenty of goals doing what he loves.

While on the road I know drivers don’t have all that much to choose from when it comes to tucker so I always try and get the truckies favourites and for Ash, it’s hands down the Ballan roadhouse for their pizza.

Be safe and don’t think you know it all, are his words when it comes to advice for the upcoming generation. 

“Take the time to listen to the blokes that have done it all their life and never be afraid to ask for a hand or just say G’day.”

When Ash isn’t driving his Sterling, he is spending time with his family, loves his deep sea fishing and in all honesty it’s just nice to be off the road and enjoying what matters in life.

In the background, Ash tells me he’s working on a Kenworth T610SAR as a future project.

And with that, it’s a wrap on this edition’s Truckies through Ararat.

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