$180 million to improve regional railway crossing safety

The Australian Government has this week launched a new national advertising campaign, which forms part of a $180.1 million Regional Australia Level Crossing Safety Program.

The campaign reminds drivers of the risks around regional railway crossings and aims to raise awareness of the importance of being cautious, emphasising the message to ‘Slow down. Look. Listen for trains.’

“Rail safety is like road safety: it is everyone’s responsibility to play their part to ensure we all stay safe,” said Federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Carol Brown.

“Our rail industry is a crucial part of the Australian economy, and it intersects with our road network, meaning drivers need to be aware and attentive.

“This national advertising campaign will complement the government’s commitment to a National Road Safety Awareness campaign and our goal of Vision Zero – zero fatalities and serious injuries on our roads.”

The advertising campaign will appear on regional TV, radio, outdoor advertising such as billboards, digital audio including podcast and music streaming platforms, First Nations publications and social platforms; running until June 30.

The $180.1 million Regional Australia Level Crossing Safety Program was created in a bid to help improve safety around railway crossings in regional areas.

Also included in the program is $160 million to support lower-cost, high-priority railway crossing upgrades, and $4.7 million for two grant rounds to support research and trials of low-cost, innovative level crossing safety technology and improvements.

The campaign also builds on the Government’s commitment to the goal of zero harm at level crossings and complements other important initiatives such as the implementation of a train illumination Code of Practice and the independent review of the Rail Safety National Law.

The Australian Government says this work aligns with the objectives of the National Level Crossing Safety Strategy 2023–32 (NLCSS), a collaborative initiative of the Australian, state and territory governments.

The NLCSS was launched earlier this year, as part of an ongoing commitment to reducing fatalities and injuries at the more than 20,000 level crossings intersecting with roads and pathways across the country.

There have also been repeated calls for better lighting on trains to help improve level crossing safety by lobby groups, and industry bodies, including the Australian Trucking Association (ATA).

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