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Owner-operator on favourite roadhouse and worst highways

Small fleet owner Chris Woolford was driving a Kenworth T650 and had transported caravans from Melbourne to Townsville when I caught up for a chat.

“It has been a 2400km trip and I have to take caravans on to Cairns for a big show,” he said.

Based at Lowood in southern Queensland, Chris said he would be spending 10 days in the far north before bringing the vans back to Townsville.

Chris has been a truckie for 17 years and an owner-operator for 14.

His company is Woolford Haulage and Chris has two other Kenworths – a 604 and 104.

But he doesn’t have any employees, preferring to park the other two up and drive himself when required.

Chris says the worst highways he travels on are between Belyando and Toowoomba.

He also said there are not enough rest areas for drivers.

“We need more with facilities and many have none. Even one of those hole-in-the-ground toilets are better than nothing,” he said.

Chris’ favourite roadhouse is the Goondiwindi BP which he said provides well for truckies.

“There is plenty of parking, clean showers and the food is good. I like steak and salad,” said the friendly driver, who was happy to have his pic snapped for Big Rigs near his trusty truck.

Though he added, “I wish you had come along tomorrow after I had it washed!” 

Although he doesn’t get much time outside work, Chris said when he does he enjoys old cars such as Kingswoods and Commodores.

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