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UD Trucks celebrates 20 years of heavy-duty workhorse


This year, UD Trucks celebrates the 20th anniversary of its iconic heavy-duty truck, the Quon.

Introduced in 2004, the Quon was designed to redefine its segment by providing solution to growing industry pressures surrounding running costs, sustainability, road handling, comfort, and safety.

As the successor to the renowned BigThumb model, UD Trucks said the Quon set a new industry benchmark upon its launch by integrating advanced technologies, some of which were world-first innovations.

One of the Quon’s industry-first achievements was the introduction of the final low emission new diesel system, a ground-breaking urea selective catalytic reduction system that significantly enhanced environmental performance and fuel economy.

That feature has become an industry standard and a system widely used in trucks today, said the manufacturer.

In 2017, UD Trucks took things to the next level with the launch of the all new Quon – the first Japanese truck with Euro 6 compliant technology.

Backed by over 2.5 million engineering hours, 6.5 million kilometres of test driving, and 15,858 bench tests, the new Quon delivered innovative improvements to the engine, transmission, and connectivity.

UD Trucks said Quon’s legacy of innovation continued with the recent launch of the enhanced Quon range in 2023, featuring enhancements to the 11-litre engine, as well as the introduction of the 8×4 16-pallet extra-long wheelbase model, and the 8L Quon Agitator with ESCOT AMT.

The entire Quon range also incorporates an extensive raft of safety feature enhancements, including an improved traffic eye brake system, traffic eye cruise control, lane departure warning system with blind spot information system, and electronic stability control.

“Bringing the Quon to market 20 years ago was driven by UD Trucks’ better life purpose, enabling us to deliver a truck that’s better for people, our planet and for business,” said Philippa Wood, vice president of UD Trucks Australia.

“Quon has been at the forefront of addressing evolving challenges, setting new standards, and delivering exceptional performance and success to our valued customers across Australia – and many other markets worldwide.

“We now have the safest, most efficient and comfortable Quon range to date and we will continue to go the extra mile and drive innovation forward with our dependable flagship product.”

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