It’s time to stop polishing your wheels

“I’m sick of polishing my wheels.” We’ve heard it hundreds (if not thousands) of times.

For as long as we’ve had trucks, we’ve had wheels that need to be polished. It is part of driving a truck or owning a fleet, and it is the status quo that has never been questioned.

However, it takes around 30 minutes, on average, to polish a single truck wheel. And when you multiply that by the total number of wheels on your rig, and then by the number of trucks in your fleet… that’s a whole lot of time spent scrubbing wheels just to keep presentation standards up to scratch.

More often than not, fleet owners and truck drivers spend too much of their time off the road polishing their wheels. Think about the opportunity cost. Polishing wheels means the downtime of vehicles. Downtime of your vehicles means they’re not on the road. Not being on the road means your business is not making money. It’s simple. The knock-on effect is real and costly.

That time and effort should be going elsewhere.

In a world where we have GPS helping us get to destinations faster, technology automating our logistics, and even cars that can drive themselves, doesn’t it make sense that there would be a more efficient way to polish your wheels?

It’s time to question the status quo.

The good news is it doesn’t take any fancy technology, high-powered washers or expensive systems. It doesn’t even require big upfront costs or ongoing fees.

It’s as simple as switching to chrome wheels.

Chrome wheels are resistant to stone chips, gravel and dirt scratch marks and are designed to hold up in harsh environments. More than that, each chrome wheel can be cleaned in about 40 seconds. That means hours back in your day, dollars back in your pocket and a rig that can meet high presentation standards every single day, no matter what you’ve put it through.

If it sounds too simple, that’s because it is.

Superchrome started providing chrome wheels to truck drivers and fleet owners over 20 years ago to help them improve business efficiency and costs. No one who tries chrome has ever gone back.

Kel Lawrence from Lawrence Transport shared the cost and time-saving impact of chrome wheels:

“Since we’ve been using Superchrome, the amount of money and time saved is unbelievable. Our trucks are in and out of the wash bay in no time. You get a shine in a matter of minutes.”

Superchrome’s use of the latest technology in chrome steel and alloy truck wheels guarantees top-quality wheels that have surpassed stringent quality control testing and extend the working life of your wheels.

When it comes down to it, the chore of polishing truck wheels is more about the monotony of the task. It’s the time wasted that could be spent doing something more valuable, the wasted earning potential and the knowledge that no matter how hard you polish, eventually, those wheels will lose their shine.

At Superchrome, we’ve made it our mission to ensure you stay on the road longer while turning heads along the way with wheels that never stop shining.

See how much you could save by making a switch from polished to chromed alloy wheels by checking out our Lifetime Savings Calculator. Head to superchrome.com.au/life-savings-calculator and see how much you could save today.

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