Krueger announces launch of new Dry Van series

Krueger, renowned for its excellence in trailer manufacturing, introduced its dry van series, the KVan, back in 2021. 

After incorporating years of customer feedback, Krueger is proud to announce the launch of a dedicated range available for order, slated for construction in late 2024.

Combining quality and innovation, Krueger’s latest release upholds its stellar reputation. The company consistently pushes boundaries in the transport industry, and the new Dry Van series epitomises their dedication to excellence.

“Our initial KVans, Dry Vans, have yielded positive results,” noted Grant Krueger, reflecting on the series’ success.

The new Dry Van series is an engineering marvel, boasting innovative designs that optimise performance and durability.

A standout feature is its lightweight yet robust construction, achieved through advanced materials and manufacturing techniques. This allows for increased payload capacity without compromising structural integrity.

“In addition, we’re integrating our newly engineered dock impact protection designs into the KVan,” Krueger continued, “ensuring longevity, durability, and great resale value.”

Managing director and founder, John Krueger, asserts that the Dry Vans are synonymous with the Krueger name, being dependable and durable.

“Krueger chassis are manufactured with Australian-made high tensile steel,” he stated. “Our Dry Van builds also feature heavy-duty flooring, threshold plate options for forklift and pallet trolley loading.”

“Our commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of our Dry Van builds,” John emphasised. “From the use of Australian-made high tensile steel in our chassis to the heavy-duty flooring and threshold plate options, we ensure that our Dry Vans are not just dependable, but also built to last.”

Moreover, the new Dry Van series prioritises driver comfort and safety. With Krueger’s RFS Mark5 suspension and KHitch’s million kilometre warranty axles, a smooth and secure ride is guaranteed, even on long hauls and Australia’s challenging terrain.

“As a new feature, we will be adding a five-year chassis warranty,” added Krueger CEO, Kevin Dennis. “We stand by the durability of the product and this warranty proves this to our customer.”

The launch of the KVan range underscores Krueger’s ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

By listening to customer needs and leveraging technological advancements, Krueger continues to set the Australian standard for excellence in the transport industry.

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