Trust in suppliers is key as company grows, says Moore Trailers

For renowned Queensland trailer builder Moore Trailers, quality and durability have always been key – and that goes right down to every last detail of each build that comes out of its workshop.

Ensuring a top quality end product means relying on suppliers with those same values – and that’s why Moore Trailers has turned to Hendrickson for much of its suspension needs for the last few decades.

Moore Trailers currently produces around 500 units each year, proudly boasting the widest range of trailers and dollies of any Australian manufacturer. 

Moore Trailers founder Lionel Moore has spent a lifetime building trailers, with his career in the industry starting at just 14 years of age. Lionel started the business alongside his sons Grahame and Shayne Moore in the late 1980s but has now taken a step back from the company’s day-to-day operations.

Shayne Moore is now managing director and Grahame is chief operations officer, with the brothers continuing to drive the business into the future.

Moore Trailers is currently in the process of expanding its manufacturing facility in Pittsworth, a rural town 40 kilometres from Toowoomba. The company moved to a new purpose-built $15 million site in 2020, which doubled its trailer building capacity. A further $7 million expansion is in the works to consolidate all production divisions onto the one site. The company is hoping the expansion will be complete and fully operational by late 2025, bringing production capacity up to about 750 units a year.

Shayne says having trust in the company’s suppliers is paramount, along with the back-up support to go with it. And Hendrickson certainly stands by its product.

“We started using Hendrickson suspensions in the late 1990s and now we use their product on about 50 per cent of the trailers we build,” said Moore Trailers’ joint managing director Shayne Moore. “We want to build a product that’s going to last and have that longevity. We recommend Hendrickson suspension because of the quality of the product along with their 1.2 million kilometre/five-year wheel end warranty, which is the best in the industry now,” Shayne added.

“Hendrickson isn’t the cheapest suspension on the market, but with that long life, the support they put behind their product, and their weight savings – as they’re one of the lighter options available – it all stacks up to give our customers an end product that is going to last and go the distance.”

As Shayne explained, their current Hendrickson representative – state manager for Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory, Matt Huigens – has been working with the Moore family for over 15 years. “There’s always been a great relationship with every Hendrickson rep we’ve worked with and now with Matt, we’ve developed a great business relationship and a friendship on a personal level too. So our relationship with Hendrickson just keeps on building,” said Shayne.

“We like to provide a product to our customers that lasts, so having suspension that has one of the best warranties on the market and dealing with people who have the same sorts of values in business as what we do is important.

“At Moore Trailers, we stand by our product no matter what – and that’s very much the same at Hendrickson too.”

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