Victorian service stations cracking down on truck parking

A number of Victorian bp service stations are among the latest to crack down on cars and local trucks unfairly taking up spaces reserved for truckie’s rest breaks.

Flyers at bp in Officer and in Rockbank have been snapped by truckies, alerting those taking advantage of the parking facilities that they risk their vehicles being towed:

The flyer seen at bp in Officer, Victoria. Image: Chris Schlaghecke
The flyer seen at bp Rockbank. Image: Leanne Dyer

A bp spokesperson said, “At bp, the safety of all customers and staff is our top priority on site. Ensuring truck drivers have access to parking for their compulsory rest periods is an issue impacting many sites across the country.

“bp is managing these issues on a site-by-site basis and asks that truck drivers are shown the respect they deserve by allowing them access to the rest areas.”

Site licensee at the bp Officer outbound site on the Princes Highway, Chris Dunkinson, said this has been an ongoing issue that they’re working to tackle.

“We record the registration and entry time of every vehicle that enters the parking area, and put a sign of our intent to tow their vehicle if it is left there. Following Covid a lot of drivers have been abusing the parking area and using it as their own parking site. We’ve even had a bus company trying to use it as their depot,” he revealed.

The Offcer outbound site has close to 30 B-double parking spaces and Chris says the area is completely full every weekday morning. “It’s mostly people who should be there but there are still others who are sneaking in. And it can be difficult to catch them when they come in later in the evening.

“Then by about 9 in the morning the whole area is empty.”

For those doing the wrong thing, he said it’s often made quite obvious. “It’s highlighted by the fact that they have to leave their car here all day and then that car disappears when the truck returns,” Chris added.

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