Heavy vehicle law experts Invictus Legal are here to help truckies

A criminal and traffic law firm based in Sydney, Invictus Legal specialises in working with those in the commercial road transport industry.

The firm’s senior litigator, Sam Saadat, says he’s passionate about helping truckies get on with their important work in keeping Australia moving.

Sam leads a highly accomplished team of criminal and traffic lawyers who specialise in traffic infringements, criminal hearings, jury trials, bail applications, appeals, and sentencing matters.

He brings an impressive range of experience to the table; and is also a specialist in managing complex criminal and commercial matters.

Sam is an admitted lawyer in the Supreme Court of NSW and the High Court of Australia and regularly appears in various jurisdictions including the Local Court, the District Court and the Supreme Court.

As he explained, “Heavy vehicle law is a very niche area. We’re one of only a handful of law firms that dedicate our resources and expertise to this area; as well as criminal law.

“We provide legal services to people in the trucking industry, particularly centred around representation or assistance in traffic violations.”

Sam Saadat is Invictus Legal’s senior litigator.
Image: Invictus Legal

For those who believe they’ve unfairly received an infringement, Invictus Legal offers a free initial consultation. “We don’t charge for that and it allows us to go through the matter with them. Then if they would like representation, we can do that for them,” said Sam.

“At Invictus Legal we have the experience and expertise in dealing with heavy vehicle matters. It’s not like just getting a speeding fine or a parking ticket, this is a very specialised area,” he added.

“These types of matters are usually very complex. We also have the experience and expertise in dealing with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), the police and other prosecuting authorities, so are able to assist. And we always try and get the best outcome for our clients.”

Sam says his passion for working with truckies was sparked when he was first asked to represent a truck driver several years ago. “What I found was that heavy vehicle legal expertise is very under-represented.

“Most truckies just want to get on with doing their job of driving. They are a big part of our economy and our landscape.

“It’s been made so hard for people to understand so many of the regulations that truck drivers need to adhere to – it’s just so complex. You almost need a university degree on the subject just to understand it all.

“All truck drivers want to do is go to work and get their job done. The last thing they want to worry about is getting into trouble. So it’s become a passion of mine to help them.”

While Invictus Legal is Sydney based, it represents clients from across New South Wales, and has also appeared in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

For more information, visit invictuslegal.com.au or call 02 8046 7634.

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