$17.4 million to upgrade 31 Queensland black spots

The Australian government has committed $17.4 million in funding for safety improvements at 31 dangerous crash sites under the 2024–25 Black Spot Program.

The upgrades include improved lighting and line marking, installing traffic lights or roundabouts, and measures to protect road users.

In the 12 months to April 2024, there were sadly 296 lives lost on Queensland’s roads.

In this year’s Budget, funding has increased substantially for the Black Spot Program, progressively rising from $110 million to $150 million per year across Australia, along with a funding boost for other local road infrastructure programs.

The government is also providing $21.2 million over six years from 2024-25 to harmonise and improve the reporting of national road safety data via the National Road Safety Data Hub.

“As a big state with a big road network, Queensland will be a big winner from this funding boost in the coming Budget,” said Federal Member for Blair and Chair of the Queensland Black Spot Consultative Panel, Shayne Neumann.

“We will work with the Queensland Government and local councils to roll out these projects across the state, and we will continue to stand up for Queensland and make sure that we get our fair share of Black Spot funding.”

The public is invited to have a say on where Black Spot funding should be spent, with Black Spot Consultative Panels reviewing nominations and selecting those deemed to be of the highest priority and importance to the local community, which are then recommended for approval.

The Queensland review panel includes representatives from a broad range of organisations representing road users, local and state government, law enforcement, engineers, and traffic management and road safety experts.

Queensland Black Spot Program Funding 2024–25

Project Name Proposed Treatment Australian Government Funding Council
Melton Road
Nellie Street
Install medians and additional stop signs on both legs of Nellie Street. Reconstruct kerb ramps and provide pedestrian refuges. Revised traffic signs and line marking, including provision of no standing lines.


Wynnum Road
Southgate Avenue
Extend the right-turn pocket in Wynnum Road. Amend lane configuration and traffic signal phasing. Revised traffic signs and line marking. Install zebra crossing in left-turn lane into Southgate Avenue.


Windermere Road
Hummock Road
Reduced speed limit, and installation of vehicle-activated signage.


Bundaberg Regional
Avoca Street
Walker Street
Restrict Penny Street access to left out only onto Avoca Street. Install a raised priority crossing across Walker Street, and a channelised right-turn into Walker Street.


Bundaberg Regional
Kenny Road
Dutton Street
Installation of a splitter island to prohibit right-turn/straight movements out of Dutton Street, and line marking. Changes to medians, kerb, and islands. Installation of left turn only, keep left and other warning signs. Improve sight lines.


Cairns Regional
Flying Fish Point Road and Palm Avenue
Between Jubilee Road and Wattle Avenue
Installation of raised reflective pavement markers, and advisory signage.


Cassowary Coast
Bingil Bay Road
2 kilometres northeast of El Arish Mission Beach Road
Installation of line marking, raised reflective pavement markers, guideposts, and advisory signage. Clearing of vegetation.


Cassowary Coast
Chapel Road
Woods Road
Install roundabout and advanced warning signage. Remove embankment to improve sightlines. Reduce speed limit on all approaches from 80 to 60 km/h. Upgrade street lighting.


Fraser Coast

Fraser Coast council are matching the Australian Government contribution for this project.

Calton Hill
Church Street
Installation of raised concrete median islands on the Church Street approaches, associated line marking, new stop signs with target boards, and upgraded lighting.


Duke Street
Jane Street
Installation of raised concrete median islands on the Jane Street approaches, associated line marking, new stop signs with target boards, and upgraded lighting.


Louisa Street
Alfred Street
installation of raised concrete median islands on the minor approaches, associated line marking, new stop and give way signs with target boards, and upgraded lighting. Stop line moved forward on Queen Street.


Neerdie Road
East of Laceys Lane
Realignment of substandard horizontal curves. Pavement widening to provide standard Council road width for traffic volume. Improve line marking, and warning and regulatory signage.


Old Laidley – Forest Hill Road
1.8 kilometre northwest of Laidley Plainland Road
Pavement widening and bitumen sealing, updated line marking, installation of signs and devices, and a new box culvert to improve drainage system.


Lockyer Valley
George Street
Distillery Road
Review of signal design plan to remove filtered right-turn movements. Extend short right-turn storage length from 100 to 150 metres to improve capacity.


Mundoolun Road
900 metres north of Beaudesert Beenleigh Road
Realignment of the road and shoulder widening. Installation of guardrail including Motorcycle Barrier System, directional hazard and curve warning signs, guideposts, raised reflective pavement markers, chevron alignment markers.


Hein Road
From The Aspect to 260 metres north of Grassdale Street
Provision of one-metre-wide centreline around two curves, directional hazard and curve warning signs, guideposts, chevron alignment markers, and raised reflective pavement markers. Reseal of road pavement. Install channelised right-turn lane and widen shoulders.


Hein Road
from Stegemann Road to The Aspect
Install guardrail on both kerbsides around the curve, directional hazard and curve warning signs, guideposts, chevron alignment markers, and raised reflective pavement markers. Reseal road pavement, and road shoulder widening.


Eversleigh Road
Between Bruce Highway and Sarina Beach Road
Install chevron alignment markers and road edge guideposts along the length of Eversleigh Road.


Mackay Regional
Protheroe Road and Forgan Road
400-metre stretch commencing 300 metres west of Byrnes Road North
Changing the horizontal alignment. Install shoulder of at least 0.5 metres to provide space to correct loss of control. Install a roadside barrier to reduce the severity of out-of-control crashes, should they occur.


Moreton Bay
Rodboro Street
From McKean Street to Water Street
Route traffic calming scheme treatments. Installation of splitter islands, a broken dividing line along Rodboro St, a 1.5m wide footpath along Rodboro St. Improvements to sight distance.


Rockhampton Regional
Railway Street
Britannia Street
Installation of two new signs on either side of Britannia Street on Railway Street


Southern Downs
Carter Road
Between Nambour-Mapleton Road and Perwillowen Road
Reduction of speed limit from 60 to 50, installation of a vehicle-activated warning sign on the southbound lane, and installation of new curve warning signs.


Mons Road
Between Owen Creek Road and William Street
Install static alignment warning signs, chevron alignment markers, and additional delineation devices. Replace and install new signage. Replace existing line marking.


Cotton Tree
High Pedestrian Activity Area
Area speed limit reduced to 40 km/h. Install raised zebra crossing on Fourth Ave. Installation of eight raised zebra crossings at all side road intersections with Sixth Ave. Install two-metre-wide shared paths.


Drayton Road
South Street
Removal of filter turns to mitigate through and right-type crashes, introduction of full pedestrian protection by phasing to remove conflicts, and installation of shared cycle lanes with jump boxes and radar detection for cycles.


Toowoomba Regional
Gowrie Lillyvale Road 400 metres south of Gilberts Road
Improved curve warning signage, delineation, edge lines. Road widening and a new seal to allow improved line marking. Change alignment of T intersection to 90 degrees. Review of existing speed limit.


Toowoomba Regional
Bridge Street
West Street
Remove filter turns on approaches. Install raised platforms at slip lane crossings, and cyclist jump-boxes/markings. Improve pedestrian safety with increased delay start time (8 secs) and full protection on approaches.


Toowoomba Regional
South Street
West Street
Remove filter turns on all approaches. Improve pedestrian safety with increased delay start time (8 secs) and full protection on approaches. Marking of shared through and left cycle lanes on South Street approaches


Toowoomba Regional
Platz Street
Wuth Street
Installation of a pair of median islands on the south eastern approach of Wuth Street. Install enhanced stop signs with target boards.


Toowoomba Regional
Riverside Boulevard
Riverbend Drive
Install speed reduction devices on each major road approach.


Sooning Street
40 metres northwest from Harbour Drive
Install speed humps on the full width of the road, warning signage, raised reflective pavement markers, pathway, and ramp to bus stop. Refresh pavement marking.



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  1. How about designing roads properly in the first place? Whoever was paid to do these designs need to pay for the rework! Those drivers at fault need to be taken off the road & re-trained until they pass their driving test. Your thoughts?

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