Cummins: Leaving a lasting legacy

The word ‘legacy’ has a special ring to it for a company like Cummins, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019, highlighting a rich history of many new engine models developed over the years. From the very first single-cylinder diesel that squeezed out 1.5 hp to the big banger of today, the 4400hp QSK95.

Technological innovation, brand reputation and credibility are core to Cummins’ history, and the many legacy engines that have forged the company’s reputation as a global power leader provide an amazing insight into the trials and triumphs that have lived on during a century of business.

More recent on-highway legacy engines include the 15-litre ISX/Signature powerhouse released in 1998-1999 and the derivatives that have followed. Providing parts for these engines, many of which are still operating in Australia and New Zealand, is the focus of a new Cummins campaign ‘Legacy Parts with Legacy Pricing’.

“Cummins is offering these key legacy parts and kits at competitive prices to ensure that our customers have access to genuine Cummins parts with a full Cummins warranty as well as access to the legendary Cummins support network,” said Travis Lloyd, aftermarket director for Cummins Asia Pacific.

All legacy parts are Genuine Cummins parts, backed by a comprehensive factory warranty. Image: Cummins

The campaign focuses on two engine models, the dual overhead cam Gen II ISX and ISX EGR, with legacy parts including overhaul kits, camshafts (injector and valve), upper and lower gaskets, recon turbochargers, turbo studs, VGT actuators (EGR) and engine brake wiring harnesses.

The Gen II was released in 2003, following the introduction of the 15-litre ISX/Signature engine in 1999, and featured a number of product updates that became synonymous with reliability and durability while still providing top-level performance and fuel economy.

Many Gen II engines are still running today, their owners reluctant to part with a product that set the standard for lowest cost of ownership and also became the industry benchmark for performance.

The ISX EGR engine was released in 2008 with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to meet ADR80-02 emissions regulations without any form of exhaust after treatment.

The platform was further enhanced several years later to meet the more stringent ADR80-03.

All legacy parts are Genuine Cummins parts, backed by a comprehensive factory warranty and supported by Cummins’ extensive support network in the Asia Pacific region, ensuring peace of mind and financial protection.

There’s currently a lot of discussion around the proliferation of non-genuine parts being offered in the market and the problems these parts can cause.

Travis warns that non-genuine parts are usually reverse-engineered, built to fit like an original part but using inferior materials at a cheaper price.

“Non-genuine parts don’t meet critical engineering design specifications and can severely impact engine life, resulting in a blow-out of whole-of-life costs,” he said.

Cummins engineers conducted lab analysis and destructive testing on over 300 non-genuine overhaul kit components for ISX and N14 engines.

That includes pistons, piston rings, piston pins, cylinder liners, main bearings, connecting rod bearings, head gaskets and injectors.

Of the over 300 non-genuine parts tested, none met all of Cummins Design Specifications.

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