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The new high-tech smartwatch that detects fatigue

Telematics and technology provider, WHG has partnered with Sleep Advice Technologies Srl (SAT) of Italy to launch a next-generation wearable platform designed to enhance driver safety and detect fatigue..

The collaboration aims to advance driver safety and innovation in the transport industry through the deployment of cutting-edge fatigue detection and wearable sensor technology, offering an evolved alternative to traditional in-cabin Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS).

WHG says the partnership aligns with its commitment to leveraging technology to create positive outcomes for its customers, communities, and people, supporting the ultimate goal of zero deaths on the road.

SAT founder Massimo Violante, WHG’s director of operations Dylan Hartley, SAT CEO Riccardo Groppo, and WHG’s director of strategy Allen Hartley. Image: WHG

Sleep Advice Technologies has developed PREDICTS, a family of patented algorithms designed to predict fatigue and sleepiness in individuals.

Utilising real-time analysis of the autonomic nervous system, PREDICTS generates alarms to warn of impending transitions from wakefulness to drowsiness, well before the onset of sleep.

This technology has undergone comprehensive medical evaluation and validation in driving simulations, measuring the response of drivers in fatigue scenarios, and has been deployed in heavy-duty truck applications in Europe since January 2023.

The PREDICTS technology will be commercially available later this year, with four product variants integrated with smart sensor technology by Garmin. These products will support individual safety and fatigue features, making the technology easy to understand and adopt. It will be supported by a team of technical and scientific researchers and backed with 24/7 monitoring and alerts via WHG’s Control Centre.

The PREDICTS technology is designed to respond to both consumer and transport operator requirements, and will be available for after-market and OEM applications, supporting wearable sensors and contact sensors integration.

Dylan Hartley, WHG’s director of operations, emphasised the significance of the WHG and Sleep Advice Technologies Partnership.

“Being a proudly Australian technology company, our vision has always centred around developing products that meet local needs while staying abreast of global industry trends,” he said.

“The integration of SAT’s PREDICTS technology into our ecosystem underscores our commitment to delivering leading safety technology solutions tailored for our customers. This partnership not only aligns with our goal of reducing accidents but also fortifies our position as a leader in the industry.”

SAT has developed PREDICTS, a family of patented algorithms designed to predict fatigue and sleepiness in individuals. Image: WHG

The integration of SAT’s advanced PREDICTS fatigue detection technology into WHG’s comprehensive IoT and telematics ecosystem will provide transport operators with tools to monitor driver fatigue in real-time through wearable devices, offering comprehensive dashboards and reports powered by the iLink Air Platform. This partnership is particularly important as it incorporates Garmin wearables, enabling the PREDICTS algorithm, and allowing for seamless integration within WHG’s connected ecosystem.

The Garmin Instinct 2 dēzl Edition smartwatch, designed specifically for those in the transport industry, monitors heart rate, sleep, and other health parameters, providing an accurate snapshot of health status and feedback to improve it.

Riccardo Groppo, CEO of SAT, added, “The collaboration with WHG enables the development of innovative solutions to improve driver and passenger safety in the next generation of fatigue technology, available for vehicles today, and setting a foundation for next-generation automotive applications of tomorrow. This partnership represents the beginning of a technological journey capable of generating significant commercial development in the coming years.”

WHG’s end-to-end enterprise service and solution, combined with SAT’s predictive fatigue technology, will provide unparalleled support to the transport industry. As technology evolves, we unlock new ways to respond to industry concerns that have been seen with traditional Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS), which often face challenges like privacy concerns due to constant camera surveillance, high costs, and complicated training requirements. SAT’s PREDICTS technology addresses these issues with a simple, cost-effective wearable sensor and intelligent algorithm.

The partnership will see the PREDICTS products launched in Europe and Australasia, offering local, hands-on support with representation in all major global markets.

This partnership is a testament to WHG’s commitment to addressing local technology needs within the ports, freight, transport, and road safety sectors. The collaboration will significantly contribute to our efforts to reduce fatal accidents and improve overall road safety, making progress toward our ultimate goal of zero deaths on the road.

For more information, please contact WHG on 1800 474 387 or visit whg-telematics.com.au.

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