Victorian PBS network notice updates

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), in collaboration with Victoria’s Department of Transport and Planning (DTP), is implementing a comprehensive reclassification of all Victorian networks under the National Class 2 Performance Based Standards (High Productivity) Authorisation Notice 2024 (No.1) (Notice).

This reclassification came into effect earlier this month, with the aim of improving the adaptability, clarity, and consistency of Victorian networks and associated reference vehicles under the Notice.

What does reclassification involve?

The reclassification process updates the naming convention of Victorian networks and reference vehicles to include three key components:

  • PBS Level: Indicates the performance standards level, reflecting the vehicle’s compliance with safety and infrastructure impact requirements.
  • Mass Limit: Specifies the maximum allowable mass for vehicles within each network.
  • Freight Type: Identifies the type of cargo appropriate for the network or reference vehicles as one of the following:
    • General Freight networks and/or reference vehicles are open to all vehicles carrying goods, including those that qualify as volumetrically loaded (tankers). Eligible vehicle must meet the axle spacing and other dimension requirements of a General Freight reference vehicle.
    • Volumetric networks and/or reference vehicles are restricted to only volumetrically loaded vehicles (tankers). Eligible vehicle must meet the axle spacing and other dimension requirements of a Volumetric reference vehicle.

The NHVR says operators will not lose any access due to reclassification. For most networks and reference vehicles, reclassification only involves renaming with no changes to existing access or reference vehicle requirements.

However specific updates apply to Level 2B A-double with triaxle dolly reference vehicles currently operating under the PBS Level 2B General Freight and Volumetric networks.

These vehicles have been reclassified under the PBS Level 3A 91t General Freight and Volumetric networks with the following key updates:

  • Increased PBS Level from Level 2B to Level 3A.
  • Increased maximum mass from 85.5t to 91t.
  • Increased maximum overall length from 30m to 36.5m.
  • No changes to reference vehicle requirements other than the increased length limit of 36.5m.
  • No changes to existing network access other than the increased parameters (level, mass, and length).

Level 2B vehicles can continue to operate on the Level 3A 91t General Freight and Volumetric networks, provided they comply with the requirements of a specified reference vehicle. The reclassification allows Level 2B vehicles to benefit from the increased mass limit and expanded operational capabilities of the Level 3A network.

Existing permits that reference old network names will remain valid until their renewal.

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