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Work begins on new rest area for Queensland truckies

Work has begun on a new rest area on the Gregory Developmental Road in Queensland, which aims to improve fatigue management for truckies and other motorists travelling between Charters Towers and Belyando Crossing. 

The new stopping bay will be on the southbound side of the road, which services a number of cattle grazing and production areas in northern Queensland.

A revamp to the existing northbound rest area is also in progress, and Transport and Main Roads Queensland has said both areas will be ready for use within the next six months.  

The southbound rest area will be big enough for one Type 2 Road Train, as well as two smaller trucks and passenger cars/cars towing trailers/caravans. 

The northbound rest area will be widened to fit two Type 2 Road Trains, as well as two smaller heavy vehicles and passenger cars/cars towing trailers/caravans. 

The pavements at the northbound rest area will be upgraded, and signage and stopping bay lines will clearly define vehicle parking and access at both northbound and southbound areas.  

The project is jointly funded by the Australian Government and the Queensland Government. 

Big Rigs has contacted Transport and Main Roads Queensland to enquire whether there will be toilets, showers or any other facilities at the rest stops.

The news comes as the Queensland Government announced it will increase its annual Bruce Highway funding commitment to $250 million a year from 2027-28. 

It’s hoped the additional funding will help ensure progressive upgrade works can continue on the Bruce; and allow for the completion of various projects designed to take pressure off the Bruce – such as the Inland Freight Route. 

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  1. What a bloody joke, so is there going to be suitable toilets , or to much to ask for all that money spent on a area for just room for one road trains south bound and two trains north bound, and the government think they are helping combatting fatigue , I think some of the gov suits need to travel in a truck for 24 hours to really understand what truckies put up with out on the road.

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