Senator Sterle swaps suit for hi-vis and work boots

Former truckie, turned WA Labor Senator Glenn Sterle slipped back behind the wheel for another marathon charity run from Perth to the Kimberley this week.

On Monday, Sterle arrived with three trailers of furniture and mattresses for the Revive/C4C store in Kununurra, the latest of several similar runs over the last four years.

He shared this post on Facebook page after unloading to update his followers on where the furniture would be going, and to thank all those who had supported the Waste to Wages project.

“I have been extremely proud to partner with Centurion Transport, Don Bantock at Bedshed and East Kimberley Job Pathways to deliver the Waste to Wages program which has been providing much needed furniture for local families as well as training and employment opportunities for local people in the Kimberley for the last four years,” Sterle added on his page.

In another post on its own page, Revive said the majority of the almost 100 mattresses came from Bedshed and some are brand new, or near new.

“There were also donations from warships about to be refurbished, David Jones, as well as from the general public. Other furniture includes tables, chairs, fridges, washing machines, air conditioners, cupboards, couches, mirrors and beautiful timber cupboards.

“The Revive team are working through these donations to make them available to our community for an affordable price. Our team have ear marked some of the furniture and bedding to be sent to Halls Creek, Balgo and other East Kimberley communities.
“This was all made possible by the generosity of Centurion Transport who organised Perth pick ups and got everything up here from Perth.”

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