Company founders bid farewell after 40 years of success

With 40 years of success under their belt, the founders of Clark Windows – Craig and Sandra Clark – have called time on their career, ready to hand the reins over to new owners as they step into retirement.

Started in 1984, the Tasmanian based company specialises in windows and doors, with a trusty fleet of nine trucks allowing them to offer their services to all parts of the island state.

From modest beginnings, the past four decades have seen the company transform into a thriving state-wide business that incorporates three factories with showrooms, a loyal team of staff and a fleet of Isuzu trucks for the company’s transport operations.

Craig and Sandra have a people-first approach, building relationships with their retail and wholesale customers. ​

Their desire to form strong bonds extends to suppliers, including Webster Trucks, where they purchased their first Isuzu over 20 years ago – an Isuzu NLR 200.

A trusty fleet of nine Isuzus is used to service customers across the state. Image: Isuzu Australia

When Clark Windows opened its first manufacturing facility in the coastal town of Smithton, in north-western Tasmania, it was all hands-on deck, with Craig pulling double-duty as director and salesman on the floor.

They now rely on a team of 70 employees and tradespeople to deliver their products and services on time to customers across the state.

Reflecting on those early days in the 80s, Craig says there were many lessons that he’s kept close to his heart. And as his time at the business draws to a close, he’s keen to share some of that wisdom.

“The major factor is that you have to commit to delivering the product on time,” he said.

“You have to try to make it the best possible quality, and if anything doesn’t turn out absolutely correct, rectify it as fast as possible to keep your customer happy.

“Thankfully we learned the hard lessons early, met the right people, and now we’re proud to produce thousands of windows every year.”

Ensuring those products get to where they’re needed, Clark Windows has a modern fleet of nine medium-duty Isuzu trucks: five FRR 110-240s, an FRR 107-210, an NQR 87-190, an NPR 65-190, and an NPR 300.

Craig and Sandra say their trucks have come a long way in terms of safety and comfort. Image: Isuzu Australia

Each model was chosen for safety and comfort and specified for the task of window and door installation.

“Once we graduated past utes and into trucks, we always went with the Isuzu brand… they’ve never put a foot wrong so there was never any need to go anywhere else,” said Craig.

“The first truck was the NLR 200, then we went with the 300, 450, 500, all the way up to our current fleet.”

Sandra also spoke about the evolution of the fleet. “We can’t believe the difference in comfort over the years,” she said.

“I almost feel like the drivers are almost spoiled these days, which is a good thing as they work so hard!”

The company’s 40-year milestone is a fitting send-off for Craig and Sandra as they reflect on the final stretch of their careers.

They say that all that remains now is a comprehensive handover to the new owners, a pair of brothers who have worked within the company for many years.

“We’re definitely leaving the place in the safest of hands,” assured Craig, a sentiment which is echoed by Sandra.

“There’s so much about the place that we’ll miss – the customer interactions, the people, and the development of our young individuals.

“We’ve had some amazing apprentices turn into long-running employees… We’ve been very lucky that way, it’s been an amazing journey.”

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