Ministers agree on plan for longer, heavier trucks

Australia’s transport ministers have today agreed to the National Transport Commission’s recommendations for longer and heavier trucks.

Ministers discussed the recommendations when they met today Friday June 7, with any increases to truck mass and length to take effect at some time in the future.

“Ministers agreed to recommendations providing access for heavy vehicles that are slightly longer and heavier, subject to adequate safety assurances,” the communiqué released today said.

“Ministers also requested the NTC undertake a review of the adequacy of licensing and accreditation arrangements for heavy vehicle drivers, and report back to the next meeting of ITMM.”.

In its second consultation statement on changes to the Heavy Vehicle National Law, the NTC considered options for:

  • increasing general mass limits by up to five per cent, effectively replacing concessional mass limits
  • increasing the length of 19 metre vehicles to 20 metres.

The Heavy Vehicle National Law applies across all states except in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.


  1. All good and well but who is going to maintain those roads with the extra weight and wear and tear? The tax payer and the tax payer gets nothing back for that. Its like the emission controls on vehicles the greenies pass laws but noting is in place to assist these emission controls, workshops and consumers need to deal with plastic containers that nobody wants and cant recycle, creating a bigger problem that the band aid solution for having greener vehicles does not make sense.

    1. Well said Johnny. Maybe these law makers need to spend a month or more on the third world roads we have to suffer. Then they may wake up to the damage heavy vehicles cause,

  2. Eventually it is hoped that all road surface be 100 ton rated maintenance cheaper concrete 3 lane corridors for all forms of vehicular transport with trailer gross weights lifted to 100 tonne max and B system road trains of six trailers running between Capital cities on interstate highways being push pulled by tractors

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