NHVR to inspect 8500 heavy vehicles over 12 weeks

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) is planning random mechanical inspections of approximately 8500 trucks, buses, and other special purpose vehicles at roadside and fixed inspection sites and depots across the country.

The checks will be undertaken as part of the regulator’s 2024 National Roadworthiness Survey (NRS) – beginning in July and being completed over a period of around 12 weeks.

The NHVR says the inspections take an average of 45 minutes to complete, and will include a detailed visual inspection and mechanical component testing via vehicle inspection equipment.

“The survey results will provide a mechanical health check on the national fleet, allowing the NHVR to target our safety programs in key areas,” the NHVR said.

“Results will be compared to both the 2016 National Roadworthiness Baseline Survey (NRBS) and subsequent NRS conducted in 2021 to identify existing and emerging risk trends.”

For the 2021 NRS, the NHVR and partner agencies conducted mechanical inspections of 8339 vehicles between May and July 2021.


  1. Right! I have been in heavy transport since early 70s predominantly running east west and seen the appalling changes our government has introduced to decimate the transport industry.

  2. It appears to me we are the only ones in Australia to have to be registered and register our companies in the correct manner with ASIC.
    NHVR was registered and since been derigestered and in the banned section on ASIC web pages.
    StatusThis column shows the current status of the organisation (e.g. registered or deregistered) AddressThis column represents the registered office address Select result NATIONAL HEAVY VEHICLE REGULATOR Business Name Cancelled Select result NATIONAL HEAVY VEHICLE ROADBOOK Business Name Cancelled Select result NATIONAL HEAVY VEHICLE REPAIRERS ASSOCIATION, INCARBN 103 232 159 Australian Registered Body Deregistered

    Q. Should they be removed form our roads. QLd Government agreed to have them as an advisory body back about 2019. No on mentioned take over.
    The WA & NT governemnts to them to go to buggery. Why are they laying th law down on QLD????

  3. Hows about they start a major blitz on the open open wheeler comuity on our roads. The number with massive lifte on the vehicles no mudguards of mud/stone guards to protect fellow motorist form the amount of stone thrown up by these inconsiderate owners and sellers of everuything for LandRover, Audie, Jeep a major, Toyota most RV and even the Jimmy and Sususki, Nissan Navara, Patrols. You name it with lift kit being legal or ileagle, they are not safe.

    One only has to open ones eye they are every where, go for a drive in Industrial estates shopping centres, down the roads. There all alarmingly obvious.
    The stats show 80% of accidents involving trucks caused by passenger vehicles.
    These ileagle vehicles must contribute to a major part of those causing accidents.

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