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Outback NSW rest area to receive $255,000 upgrade

Located on a major freight route used to transport livestock, produce and other goods interstate, this outback NSW rest area will receive some much over-due upgrades.

The Gilgunnia Goldfields Rest Area is located about 109 kilometres south of Cobar on the Kidman Highway.

Works for a $255,000 upgrade at the site will begin on June 17 and is expected to take up to six weeks to complete, with the rest area remaining open throughout this time.

The current facilities at Gilgunnia were originally installed by a community group many years ago and have deteriorated.

The upgrades are being funded by the NSW Labor Government, which says the works will bring the Gilgunnia Goldfields Rest Area “up to modern standards”.

The toilet will be upgraded from the waterless composting facility currently in place.

Drainage and the surface of the truck parking bay will receive improvements, and the water tank will receive a fresh coat of paint.

A non-working barbecue, cage and a disused water tank will be removed as part of efforts to improve the amenity of the rest area.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Jenny Aitchison said, “Having visited this area in 2022 and again in January this year, I know the value of good quality roadside stops to local communities, tourism and freight operators.

“Good amenities in remote rest stops can be the difference between life and death in helping long distance drivers to better manage their fatigue.”

While Independent Member for Barwon Roy Butler added: “This is something that the community has wanted for some time. In its previous state, the rest stop left a lot to be desired.

“Truck drivers in that part of the world have long distances to cover and anything that makes a rest stop more usable and comfortable will encourage drivers to take more breaks from behind the wheel.”

Butler continued, “That can make a big difference on a long trip.

“Anything that helps improve safety along the main roads of Barwon is a great thing.”

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