No toilets for truckies at new Queensland rest area

There will be no amenities provided for truckies at a new rest area being constructed along the Gregory Developmental Road in Queensland, Transport and Main Roads Queensland has confirmed.  

Last week, TMR Queensland shared the news that work has begun on a new stopping bay on the southbound side of the road at Llanarth, an important inland freight link servicing the mining and livestock industries.  

TMR says the new rest stop aims to “improve fatigue management” for truck drivers and other motorists travelling between Charters Towers and Belyando Crossing. 

A revamp of the existing northbound rest area is also in progress, with both areas ready for use within the next six months. 

However, there will be no toilets, showers, shaded areas or other facilities provided for truck drivers at either rest area.  

A spokesperson for TMR Queensland told Big Rigs that a decision was made not to provide amenities as facilities are available at “nearby” rest stops.  

“Specifically, 113km south of Charters Towers on the Gregory Developmental Road, a northbound stopping bay with capacity for two type 2 road trains is equipped with toilet facilities and shaded seating,” they said.  

“This rest stop is also accessible for southbound travellers.  

“Additionally, the Belyando Crossing Roadhouse, located 198km south of Charters Towers, also offers an amenities facility that is accessible to both north and southbound travellers.” 

The new southbound stopping bay at Llanarth will be only be big enough for one Type 2 Road Train, as well as two smaller trucks and passenger cars/cars towing trailers/caravans. 

Meanwhile, the northbound rest area will be widened to fit two Type 2 Road Trains, as well as two smaller heavy vehicles and passenger cars/cars towing trailers/caravans. 

In response to complaints from truck drivers over the lack of capacity for trucks at the stopping bays, the TMR spokesperson told us: “Stopping bay capacity was determined following surveying revealing capacity requirements for both the north and southbound location.”

They added that TMR is “committed to enhancing driver safety and managing fatigue by providing safer places to stop along the Gregory Developmental Road.” 


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