Queensland truckies step up to save woman from harassment

A Queensland woman has extended her thanks to two truckies who kept her mum safe after she was “harassed” on the road late last night.  

Linda Wilkinson told Big Rigs that her mother Karen was travelling from Stanthorpe to Innisfail in her ute and trailer when a Ford Sedan started driving in an intimidating manner.  

“My mother is in her 60s and was helping my sister move house,” she said.  

“There was a white Ford Sedan that was tailgating her, then it would overtake her and pull up on the side of the road.  

“Then when mum drove past, the car would pull out behind her again, before overtaking and then putting its indicator on, trying to get her to pull over.”  

Linda said the Ford driver’s behaviour, which started when her mother was travelling through Miles and continued towards Toowoomba, was “very worrying”.  

Thankfully, two helpful truckies stepped up to shield Karen’s ute from the car.  

“Mum was chatting to two truckies via the UHF and they too were watching this car.

“Mum used to be a truck driver and asked if they could put her in the ‘rocking chair’, so they boxed her in.

“They kept chatting on the UHF and kept her safe all the way through to Toowoomba.” 

Karen is not sure of the full names of the drivers, but said their first names are Ray and Peter.  

“It was late at night but mum thinks Ray was driving a semi for Wickham’s,” Linda added.  

“She’s not sure about the other truck but it had a shipping container on the back and his name was Peter. 

“We just wanted to say a big thank you to them. Well done guys, and keep it sunnyside up.” 


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