Volvo’s most powerful truck yet goes on sale

Volvo’s revamped heavy duty range, including its most powerful truck to date, will go on sale this week. 

The new Euro 6 lineup arrives with a raft of features as well as the powerful new D17 engine, with a range of horsepower ratings stretching from 600hp to 780hp.  

With a focus on efficiency and driver appeal, the updated FH16 sees a significant jump in torque.

The 600hp variant now offers 3000Nm of torque, while the 700hp offers 3400Nm and the range-topping 780hp option delivers a massive 3800Nm, making the flagship FH the most powerful Volvo yet. 

Aerodynamic and styling updates have also been added across the range, from FM and FMX to FH, including all electric models.

Inside, the range has received styling updates, revised USB ports, a new touchscreen side display and an improved audio system.  

The incoming 17.3-litre, Euro 6 powerplant shares the same basic architecture as the 16-litre engine it replaces, with the extra capacity resulting from an increase in cylinder bore.   

Volvo’s revamped heavy-duty range. Image: Volvo

In pursuit of efficiency and cleaner operation, the engine also features a new fuel injection system, low friction cylinder liners as well as wave top pistons to ensure optimised combustion. 

The engine makes the most of its prodigious power output at relatively low rpm, with a low flat torque curve stretching from 1000 to 12rpm.

The new powerplant meets Euro 6 emissions standards, utilising a combination of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Forced induction duties are taken care of by a new Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT).   

All power ratings are HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) compatible.   

The Volvo range update also introduces the option of an air-suspended front axle across the range, including 8×4 configurations for both prime movers and rigid vehicles.  

Tom Chapman, vice president of Volvo trucks Australia, said the latest evolution of the Volvo heavy duty range takes the brand’s offering to the next level. 

“Our Australian made Euro 6 line up has been delivering class leading efficiency, performance and uptime to Australian transport operators since 2020,” he said. 

“Now our hard working 11-litre, our I-Save 500 and our trusted 13-litre 540 are joined by the new D17 engine, which I have no doubt will continue to deliver on the legacy created by the rest of the Volvo drivetrain family.”  

He is confident that the performance of the D17 engine in the new FH16 will impress truck drivers. 

“There’s no doubt that the power and torque on hand from this drivetrain will win fans on Australian highways,” he added. 

“Across the entire range these trucks will deliver superior power, economy and uptime for, owners, operators and drivers alike.”  

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  1. No doubt volvo engines are the best perfoming engines, I request the volvo Australia to introduce 780 hp D7 series to the east african market especially Kenya so that you can boost the sales because there’s so many low bed activities in the transport sector.
    Thanks and best regards.

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